My Post Swimming Routine

by - Sunday, July 24, 2022

Summer is well on its way, and my condo's pool has been open for a month now. It had a rocky start this year with a broken heater for over a week. As soon as it all got sorted out, I started to swim every day. I have only missed 4 days and that was due to weather or me feeling a little sick. 

Since I am swimming every day, my skin and hair routine is totally different and I though I would share all the things I am doing differently and why I am loving the items. So with is what I am loving right now, post swimming of course.

L'oreal Pari Hair Expertise Dream Lengths More Than Shampoo / 200ml / $9.99
A few months back Tori from Doll and Dye mentioned this on her Instagram. It is a thick conditioner like product that has a low lather and helps cleanse your hair while conditioning it. Think of it like a two in one or a cleansing condition, either way it works great to get my hair clean post chlorine exposure without stripping it dry. 

I actually went though a whole bottle of the Extraordinary Oil version before popping open this one, and my hair really loved it.

This one is new to me, but the more I use it the more I like it. It is a leave in conditioner. It makes a bunch of claims regarding split ends, but I wanted something to hold moisture in my hair and help protect it from further damage. So far it is doing a great job and I would definitely buy it again.
Since early 2020 I pretty much haven't shut up about Wonder Water. It is fantastic! I happened to buy the Dream Lengths version last time it was on sale. It really helps make my hair feel stronger but also stronger after each use. I am currently using it about twice a week.
My scalp gets a bit dry from time to time and washing it everyday is making that happen more often. This serum is pretty good at calming my scalp. I usually put two droppers worth into my hair at night after I shower. If I don't I may wake up with a slightly dry scalp feel and apply it when I wake up. 

Invisibobble Extra Hold Hair Ring, The Secret Purple / 2 pack / $15.00*
I have to tie my hair back or I just have the worst time at the pool. Normal elastics kind of suck at the pool because they absorb water and can rip my hair out when removing in the shower. Invisibooble are great because they don't absorb any water and hold tight. This model is even better because it is doubled up with two boobles together for extra hold.

Face & Body:
Yardley English Lavender Luxury Body Wash / 250ml/ $12.99*
My whole goal post swimming in the shower is to rinse all the chlorine, spf and whatever I got covered in that day off and try not to dry my skin out. This body wash dose that quickly and nicely, my skin always feels great after. Best part is the nice lavender scent gets me ready for bed time.

I have already used one up, as you can see by this bottle with one use left.

Mary Kay Shower Gel Berry & Vanilla / 200ml / 18.00*
When I do swim during the day I like this body wash. It has a fresh fruity scent that I really like while being easy to lather and rise. 

I got this last summer from Influenster to review, and I liked it for use in the shower, the pump really adds to that too. I decided to start using it again this year and have been really liking it to rise off everything from my day including the pool chlorine and spf. It can leave my skin feeling a little tight so I only use it on really sweaty days. It is just ok for makeup, so precleanse if wearing any.
I recently got sent this to review so I tossed it into my shower to use. It is creamy and lathers great. It does a great job of removing my day. It is no nice on my skin and hasn't dried it out once. That being said, you should precleanse if wearing any waterproof makeup.

Keri Moisturizing Shower & Bath Oil / 450ml / $10.99
The classic OG bath oil. Once a week I am still taking a bath and when I do I give it a big squirt of this stuff. It makes my bath oily but also leaves my skin so soft and coated in oil after. Did I mention it is made in Canada?!!!

I was sent this to review a month ago from Influsneter. I loved it right away. It smells amazing, it has a nice thickness to it and makes my skin feel so soft. It is a game changing oil for my body, it leaves my skin feeling amazing for hours and when I don't use it my skin feels dry and tight, making me want to use it even more. It is best applied right after the shower when you are still a bit damp.

Ok so there you go, what I am using everyday after I swim. My hair hasn't gotten fried, which I was really afraid of since I did some damage earlier in the year. My skin is staying soft and hydrated too. I am super happy so far and am going to keep on using everything until the season ends on Labour day. 

Are you doing any fun summer activity?

* indicates products I received from PR for review with no obligation for review. Some were gifts from Influsnster and mentioned in the post. Some links are affiliate links, I may make a small commission from sales made with them. I appreciate your support of my blog.

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