Five on Friday | February 18

By Sunday, February 20, 2022 ,

Time to look back at my week and look at 5 positive things that happened

1. Peacemaker 
While not overly exciting,  we wrapped up HBO Max's Peacemaker.  It is DC's first foray into tv shows. It's been on every Thursday for the last few weeks and it just finished yesterday.  While silly, we really enjoyed it and now have to find another show to watch on Thursday nights now.

2. Thursday night dinner
As I've said before, the hubs makes meals on Thursdays for us. This week he made grill cheese and soup. The soup is made of sausages, leftover rotisserie chicken, kale celery, cabbage, tortellini and chicken stock. 

3. This Cobb salad
So he also made a Wednesday night dinner, this was a cobb salad of sorts. There is kale and romaine lettuce underneath all the goodies on top.

4. Puppy birthday party.
Ok so my coworkers puppy turned one, so we had a party of sorts. A puppy cake with mashed potato icing. It was a big hit.
5. Sampler kit
Sampler is a free sampling site here in Canada.  I got a set this week filled with teas, curry paste and edamame pasta. I also got a coupon for truvia and a tiny same of some Graydon skin care. The pasta gas 48g of protein in a single serving,  which is truly a lot of protein for one serving off anything. I'm going to have to think long and hard about what to serve it with.

Ok, so that was this week. Hope you're all doing well. Stay safe.
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