Manscaped - The Performance Package Review

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Since the holidays are fast approaching I thought it might be time to talk about a gift that might be perfect for the man in your life, Manscaped The Perfomance Package.

Manscaped is a cheeky brand known for its clever word play and being the official sponsors of the UFC and The 49ers as well as being on Shark Tank.

The brand has launched its first 'above the belt' trimming tool, the Weed Whacker. It is a nose and ear trimmer. The Performance Package takes the Weed Whacker and adds it to its already popular  Perfect Package 3.0. Today I am going to take a look at this set that makes the perfect holiday gift.


What you get in the package
-Weed Whacker / ear and nose hair trimmer
-The Lawn Mower 3.0 / waterproof trimmer
-Crop Preserver
-Crop Reviver
-Magic Mat
Plus free
-Shed / travel bag
-Anti-chafing boxers

Now that we know what is in it let's break it down and give it a review.


This is the star product in the Manscaped line up. It is the third generation of their clipper. It features their SkinSafe technology to prevent nicking sensitive skin. It has a 600mA li-ion rechargeable battery that lasts about 90 minutes so you can get even full body shaving jobs done. It also features a slim and light weight waterproof deign. Finally it has an adjustable guard that has two lengths. There also is a little stand that you can use if you want for charging and storing.

Since we are talking body trimmers, this is already going to get TMI, so why not go all out here. Mr. Fox is a hairy guy, very hair, so he often shaves his chest and privates and requires me to shave his back. So I am going to compile this review from what feedback he has given me plus my own from using it on him.

I love that this is a light weight clipper, it is small enough for my tiny hands, but doesn't slip around. It is light weight so my hand doesn't get tired quickly. In addition to all this it glides along the skin so nicely that I have never had such an easy time clipping his back. His previous trimmer has a metal flat area that goes along the skin and as a results skips...a lot, and that can hut. This clipper has plastic along that area making it slide along the skin and cuts that hair easily. It is by far the best clipper I have ever used on his back.

Mr. Fox says it isn't as sharp as his previous clippers, but it works quick and it seems much safer. He also really liked that you can order replacement blades, something other clippers don't offer.


This is an ear and nose hair trimmer. It has 360° rotary dual-blade system, a 9000 RPM motor, waterproof capability and a 600 mAh li-ion battery. It also has the same charger as The Lawn Mower so you can save some counter space if you just use one charger. You can even replace the blades as it wears out.
Mr. Fox has really been enjoying this one. Since hitting 40 hair kind of starts popping up in strange places, so it has become incredibly handy. He usually use it after trimming his beard and says it clips really well.

This is an anti-chafing 'ball deodorant'. It is a talc like gel that contains no talc that helps keep privates, body parts and pits from sweating and chafing. With aloe vera, tapioca starch and triglycerides it helps keep you dry and smelling great. It has a residue free and oil free texture that helps protect sensitive skin. 

Mr. Fox works in hot conditions and likes to work out too, so this has come in pretty handy for keeping him from chafing and getting uncomfortable. He really likes how it feels and despite the strange concept really likes it and how it works.


This is a toner spray meant for your balls. Made with aloe and witch hazel it helps keep your privates cool and from flaring up after shaving....essentially after shave for your boys.

Mr. Fox thought it felt really neat, it gave a cooling effect while stopping any razor irritation that sometimes can happen after shaving.

You also get with the kit:

The Shed, which is a faux leather grooming bag. It  has a handle and a sturdy zipper while being water resistant. It managed to fit all the tools with no problem for easy storage. It is a top quality bag. 

Boxers, these are anti-chafing boxer briefs. 

Magic Mat, these are disposable mats (you get 3) for doing your grooming on. You can collect the hair and dispose of it with ease. In reality they are just a little newspaper, so it is fun and cute but not a necessity. They certainly add a bit of charm to the set.


Overall I think this is a great set and so does Mr. Fox. We both love the clipper and nose and ear trimmer. The additional products that are included are a nice touch that round out the kit and make it bit more special and they all work well. We both think it makes a great gift.

There is one con, we both with there were a bit more guard options for the Lawn Mower. Other than that it is pretty much a perfect set.

You can pick up any of the Manscaped items over on their Canadian website ( or Right now for the holidays you can save 20% on their site by using the code GIFT.

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