Rediscovering Finesse Hydration + Softness Shampoo and Conditioner

By Monday, September 14, 2020 , , , , ,

* This post features PR samples
In a typical summer, I spend most of my time swimming and damaging up my hair big time, this year my condo board chose not to open the pool at all. While one would think this meant my hair would have been saved some damage, I regretfully inform you that it has not. For some reason, probably a combo of sun and heat and using the wrong hair products for a few months, has lead to my hair being absolutely fried. Add to that my current traumatic hair loss, which has resulted in about 50% of my hair falling out in the last six months, my hair hasn't been feeling its best. 
I was super happy when I was asked if I wanted to try out Finesse's newly improved Hydration + Softness Shampoo and Conditioner. I haven't tried Finesse since I was a teen, so naturally, it brings back some nostalgia, but I was also very interested in seeing how the brand performs now and what improvements have been made.

This improved formula is now thicker and contains Camellia Oil to help hold moisture in the hair even during the hottest days. It does all this without weighing your hair down and providing a barrier against UV and Chlorine damage.

The shampoo has a slight creaminess to it, which just shows how moisturizing it is. It lathers incredibly easily into a nice rich foam and rinses easily. 
The conditioner is a nice rich consistency that spreads easily onto my hair. It coats it while also feeling like it is being absorbed a bit. It also rinses easily and leaves no heaviness to the hair.
The end result of these two products is my hair feels amazing and surprisingly high end. The more I use it the better my hair feels. My hair never feels weighed down, it is far less frizzy and I cannot stop touching it. More hydrated hair, check. Softer hair, check. These products do exactly what they say they do. As you may be able to see below, my naturally dried hair is not frizzy after using it, but smooth and sleek.
Finesse products can be found at drug stores, grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide for under $4. That is less than $4!!! You really can't go wrong with this combo for a price like that.
*Pr samples featured. All views and opinions are my own.