5 Things I am Loving Right Now - Spring & Summer 2020

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*This post features products purchased by me and pr samples.

Spring feels like it never happened, yet also took forever. Summer came and went super fast. Now we are in September. As I spend all of the spring in lockdown and all the summer working my butt off, I really was exhausted. So my blog obviously hasn't gotten the love it deserves. So with that, I bring you 5 Things I am Loving Right Now, Spring and Summer edition for 2020.

Head and Shoulders Supreme Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

In about April I started to notice my scalp was feeling a bit bumpy. I decided it was time to get a scalp scrub. With me being temporarily out of a job and all the stores shut down I needed a drug store product for the job. A quick internet search led me to this product. It was about $9 at my Walmart and only 100mL, it was tiny. 

It is a relatively loose cream that reminds me of conditioner. I started to use it on a wet scalp before shampooing. It lathers up nicely and rinses clean. I found my scalp immediately felt better and my hair fluffier with more body. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive scalp scrub.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Mist Sunscreen SPF 50

I need a good high SPF sunscreen in the summer, especially for my face. I love a few but this one takes the cake. It is so lightweight but gives so much coverage. The trick is to no spray it onto your face, but your hands and pat it onto your face. I usually use 5-6 sprays to cover my face and 2 more for my neck.

This has been fantastic for staying put, not making my face feel greasy and just being fantastic. You can even reapply as the day goes on over makeup.

Dr Teal's Shea Butter & Almond Epson Salt and Foaming Bath*

Bath has been my rock these past two seasons. While I maybe didn't have as many in July and early August because of the heat, but leading up to it and the last few weeks I have been having a bath daily. To make a bath into my sanctuary the best thing I could do is add some salt or bubbles. 

These two have been great for keeping me relaxed and not letting my skin dry out, plus bubbles !!!.

I talk about them both in my post on Self-Care!

Perspirex Comfort*

I've talked about Perspirex a ton. I buy it whenever I run out and it lasts 5 days for me! During the hot summer month, I sweat non stop, so this is definitely the only way to go so that I don't fully sweat through my clothes but also stink up the place.

This formula is more hydrating so it is great for those that are prone to dry armpits. 

L'oreal Paris 8 Second Wonder Water

I was hearing a lot about this pre-lockdown and picked it up at the end of February. I really started using it in May when I realized my hair was a) fried b) falling out c) a mess from humidity.

I really have enjoyed how it makes my hair less frizzy. My hair always is just more manageable whenever I use it. It is supposed to repair my hair too, but I am not exactly sure how much of that has been going on. What I do know if my hair looks and feels nice when I use it.

So there you go, some products I have been loving lately. It has been a different 6 months and I am sure it is just going to get wilder from here on out, but at least I have some products that I have been enjoying.

Is there anything you've been loving lately?

* denotes product sent for review. All other products were purchased with my own money. All views and opinions are my own.