5 Things I'm Loving Right Now - Fall 2019

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Fall is in full swing, which means it is time to talk about my favourite 5 things for fall.

This fall has been messed up weather-wise. It snowed so early and got cold fast and then warmed back up. Currently is snowy and slushy out, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Due to this, skincare has definitely been my big one this season.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
I love this lotion! I get it every year during Sephora's Black Friday sale and get a few big tubs. I leave one at work and one my beauty office (which is always fun to say or type, beauty office ). It usually retails for way more than I would be willing to spend on a body lotion, but at Black Friday it is super cheap and worth grabbing. This year I see it will be a large tube, which means I will be getting that.

Why do I love it? I am loving this because it is meant for super sensitive skin, which my skin can be. During the cold months, my skin gets chap and crack and rips, because of this most lotions contain too much water and burn. Others are greasy and thick. This one is the Goldielocks, just right. Plus no fragrance means no angry skin. Also, it is good for the face and the body so it is a great makeshift face lotion when needed at work.

Mary Kay Exfoliating Powder*
Mary Kay launched their first natural beauty products (see full review here), one of the two must-have items for me is this exfoliant powder. I got rid of my other one because I love this one so much more.

Why Do I love it? It is gentle, gets my skin smooth without being harsh, natural and smells like nothing. I clearly have been loving it because I managed to get the package all dirty by keeping it by my sink.

Trader Joe's Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion
I picked this up in the USA this past summer and got another in October. I love it soooooo much. It is such a great daytime lotion for my skin. It works well with COverFX dops as well as under foundations. I love how my skin feels when I use it and how it looks.

Why I love it? $3.99 USA! SO cheap and clearly my skin loves it

Almay Brow Styler in Medium Brown*
I was looking for a new brow gel and this was it! It has a long, wand that is thin, I bent it which makes angling it easier for me. It tints my brows perfectly while looking natural and helps hold them just a bit. It is great for an everyday brow.

Why I love it? It sweeps through my brows easy and covers my grey hair and makes the rest match my coloured hair. It is just a great natural brow gel in a large tube.

Too Faced Melted Matte in Gingerbread Girl
I have been feeling the burnt orange this fall, so much so that Too Faced's Gingerbread girl has been in high rotation. I love this formula and have a few shades in it, but this festive shade definitely has what I like for fall.

Why I love it? It is the perfect burnt orange type shade for my skin tone and works well with a lot of palettes I have as well as just some simple liner and mascara.

There you go, 5 things I am loving right now.

What are you loving right now?

* indicates products that were sent for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.