Project Pan 2020

By Monday, January 20, 2020 , ,

I thought I would start 2020 off with a big Project Pan. I chose 20 products I hope to get through this year and clear them out of my collection.

Why am I doing this? Mainly because my collection of skincare and makeup is getting out of hand. The number of products that I have started and have multiples of the same type of but am not willing to part with is not ok. Rather than continue on my current track, I figured I could actually try to use products up instead of just adding to my clutter and keep on forgetting about products.

This is going to be year-long when I finish a product I hope to replace it with something similar. I really want to start using some of my deluxe skincare samples so those may be next.
1 ) Pixi Rose Tonic
I have about 7 toners on the go, this is actually one of my newer additions, but my skin really loves it, which is why I added it to my project. My skin really loves rose so this has been nothing but fantastic for my dry skin. I am going to try to use it at least twice a day. It is about 4/5 full.

2) Erno Laszlo Timeless Skin Serum
I got this so long ago I cannot remember. It came in a sampler pack and while it looks big I doubt it actually is (15 ml). I have no clue how much is left inside. I will be glad when it is gone because I want to actually use up my skincare samples and not have tones only partially used in my home anymore.

3 ) Paula's Choice Skin Perfection 8% AHA Lotion and 2 BHA Lotion
I do not exfoliate enough and these babies have been in my collection a while. Part of my never using things consistently or enough to use them up is why I chose to add them to the project. I am counting them as one product and I am going rotate what one I use each night. I plan on removing one cap and leaving another one on a bottle. Each night I will take the lid off the one bottle and put it on the other, that way I can keep better track of what one I used last. My goal here is consistency, better exfoliation and to use these two up. I have no clue how much is in each one, but I assume a lot since they are 100 ml.

4 ) Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream:
I really suck at using eye cream, by adding this I hope to make more apart of my daily routine. I have about half of the jar left.

5 ) The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
I have bought so many of these over the years, so it was a great choice for this project. I have another cleansing balm I want to try out but honestly haven't opened because I am trying to have too many open products and I feel like it is never going to happen. Also, it works really well
6 ) Darphin Lumiere Essentielle:
I really adore this thick and rich cream. I figured I was about 2/3 done it so I should just use it up already! I hope I should be done in a month of use.
7 ) Guerlain Meteorites 01 Blanc de Perle:
I have a large collection of Meteorites and while most just get a tiny bit of use, this one is permanent so I use it a lot more often. I figured I would add it to the project so that I would see what would happen if I put it in more serious rotation. 

8 ) Joe Fresh Translucent Powder:
I picked this up when Joe Fresh was leaving Shoppers Drug Mart for a steal. While I really love it, I have too many loose powders hanging around and even have a back up of this. I do love how it leaves my skin. It is probably 80% full.

9 ) The Ordinary Coverage Foundation:
I have that terrible habit of not finishing my foundations, so this one is almost done, and well I should finish it. I do like this foundation and I want to use it up. The bottle has product up the line left, so hopefully, I can finish this up in a little bit of time.

10 ) Hard Candy Sheer Envy Coconut Water Primer Stick:
This is my second one of these sticks. I really love how hydrating it is but I am not sure how good of a primer it is. Regardless my skin really likes it. Since I have a lot of primes on the go, this one seemed like a great one to use up since I like it so much.
11 ) Hard Candy Glamoflauge Lite
This stick has been with me a while and honestly, it has been lost in my pile of other concealers. I chose it because I actually really like it, I have used a fair amount of it. I have used most of the pinker shade and not as much of the yellow one. We will see how this goes.

12 ) Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick
So my lipsticks are particularly out of control situation. I have over 100 deluxe minis and this is one of them. I honestly don't know the last time I finished off a lipstick. I chose this one because it is a nice pink nude that I could easily wear most days and maybe use up.

13 ) Mac Twig Lipstick
Sticking with trying to use up a lipstick, I figured this was also a nice nude shade that I could get a lot of wear out of. Of all my Mac shades, this one was the most likely of the bunch to get used up.

14 ) Milk Lip + Cheek in Werk
I was trying to find a blush that would work for every day, after looking through my collection I thought that this stick would be great. It works well with the lipsticks I chose. 

15 ) Joe Fresh Tinted Lipbalm in Spice:
I am a big fan of Joe Fresh Tinted Lip Balms, I thought I should add one to my project just to try to use one up. I love the finish and right now in the winter, it has been great to use.
16 ) Too Faced Shadow Insurance:
I feel like this is almost gone so it seemed like a good product to just use up and toss. I always loved this formula.

17 ) Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Rose 3-in-1 Primer Water:
I love this spray quite a bit. It has a fabulous light rose scent and does a great job as a setting spray. Since I have so many toner sprays, primer sprays and setting sprays currently in my collection (guessing 15), I figured I would try to use this one up. I like it and it is about 2/3 done already so it shouldn't be too hard to keep on using it until it is done.

18 ) Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer:
I got this in a set quite a while ago and only started to use it a short while ago. I have used several of these tubes over the years and I 100% adore the formula so I thought it was a good one for almost daily use. It also seemed like a generally good idea to get back into tinted moisturizers since my skin is always dry and I have not been loving foundation too much lately. I have about 3/4 of a tube left.

19 ) Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight 
I believe I got this in a set at the Estee Lauder warehouse sale, it looks full size but only houses a small amount of product. I have used it a bit over time and like how it looks, but honestly don't use it too much, by throwing it into my project I figured I could clear it out of my collection versus having many similar products in my collection. Now that I see how small it is I am glad I chose it, so I can finish it off quickly.

20 ) Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette
I chose this palette because it was already out on my counter. That sounds silly, and trust me it was a silly choice. I thought it is a bit older in my collection and matte so I could create lots of daily looks with it. I am not sure if this was a great choice because as I type this I realize that it often looks muddy on me. I may be using a lot of other shadows to make this work.

Ok, so there you go, 20 items I hope to get some good use out of and maybe use up in 2020. I hope to do a few updates over on their progress and what I move on to as the year goes on. Happy 2020 everyone!