Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

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*This post features products sent for review
I first heard about the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer when I saw a Milabu video where she got super excited about it instantly fell in love with it. I was honestly sold at that point on it and had to have it. I mean a brush and a hairdryer in one, I need that.
It is an oval brush with nylon pin and tufted bristles that also happens to be a hairdryer. With three settings, cool, low and high.
There are also some other great features like an ION generator and a ceramic coating to help keep your hair shinier and smoother. A ceramic coating to help with even heat distribution. A cord that pivots. Plus there is a four year limited warranty on it. It's all pretty great.
My first time using it I ended up with great results. I used it on high for a bit until I realized it was A) a bit loud and B) a bit too hot, so I switched it to low. Low was a lot quieter and just the right heat for me. On a side note: I work as a pet groomer with industrial driers that are quite loud so I actually use ear protectors like construction workers do to protect myself at work. I honestly would recommend that anyone using any hairdryer just put some foam buds in their ears, because long term hearing damage is never worth it.
unimpressed wet hair photo.
As I dried I pulled the brush down my hair and rotated the brush. I put a little more rotation into it near the lower part of my hair to create a bit of a curl to it.
drying my hair and styling it.
I found it did a great job of drying my hair, smoothing it out and creating a great shape to it. My fringe looked great! I really love the results! 
Finished hair
I think I am most impressed with how well it did both drying and styling my hair and replicated a professional blowout, something I have never been able to remotely mastered. I am terrible with drying my own hair (dogs and cats, that I can do), so this changed my whole world. 

I feel the more I use it the better I will get with it and might be able to get a bit more volume. As well I feel excited that I am no longer forced to let my hair air dry and then flat iron it out. 
A Much better shot of the finished hair
Overall I love how easy it was to use, even my first time. I loved the smooth and styled hair that was simple to create and that I meant I didn't have to use multiple tools to create it.

I  found the Low setting to be perfect for most of my drying and styling. I would only recommend High if you have really wet hair, which I would probably just recommend letting your hair dry a bit more naturally instead. I found the Cool setting to be just as loud as the High so I didn't really like that.

I love that this tool is less than $100, works extremely well and really has zero issues.
*This post features products sent for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.