10 Years Of Blogging

By Wednesday, September 25, 2019 ,

Guess what today is? It is my 10-year Blogaversary! That means I have been doing this for a whole decade. I find this remarkable because I never thought about doing this long term or not. 

I started blogging ten years ago today because I was a bit lonely, my husband worked nights and it was just me and our then dog Monty hanging around at nights. I also still loved makeup after taking Makeup Aritisty but didn't practise the trade at all. I figured it would give me an outlet to express my passion and give me something to do. Win-Win.

me at a Deciem store opening event in 2017.
What I gained is something I never expected, friends! At first in 2009-2010 I started making friends on twitter (remember when twitter was an active fun place for bloggers?), then later in Toronto Beauty Blogger brunches, which were so much fun and now through so many outlets.  In addition to having a richer social life and giving me something to do, I have gotten to the opportunity to attend lots of fun an unique events. From a Spa day at my home to TIFF red carpet events and getting my hair or makeup done or even going to star-studded events, it all has been a blast.
Ande and me at an Olay event
I remember being so excited about Mac's Style Black collection I needed to get stuff, and I did,, but why and what was I going to do with it? So Batting a Lash was born. Later I changed it to Beauty Vixen, which fit because I wanted to start going by Oliver-Fox for blogging and I just love foxes. I even convinced my makeup school buddy Melissa to start blogging. 

I've gained and lost a lot in this decade too. I lost my beloved cat Shine in 2011, then my papillon Monty in 2014 at the age of just 5. At the same time I delt with my father's cancer diagnosis and eventual passing. I also went from being no one's aunt to having four nieces and several nephews and a niece on my husband's side. I opened my home up to Sterling our rescue cat and Bradley our new papillon. It is amazing how much can change in so little time.
Bradley and Me at the International Auto show thanks to VW.
I have seen so many of my friends quit blogging over the years, so the fact that I am still blogging amazes me. None of this would have happened without you, so thank you for following me and supporting me this last decade.

Feel free to check out my first post right here. Cheers!
Me at the L'oreal TIFF Gold Party in 2016