Mac Style Black Haul

By Friday, September 25, 2009 , ,

So today I decided to start a blog. I have been thinking about it for a little while, but questioned who would read it, or if I would want anyone to read it. The answer I guess is that I don't care. I always seem to be buying more and more makeup and always wanted to journal what I bought, when I bought it and what I think of it. I figured a blog is most likely the best way I could archive that. So here it is.

Today I went down to the Eaton Centre's Mac store to check out the new Style Black collection. I really liked a lot of the items and decided to choose four items.

I love Mac's Cream Colour Bases (CCB) and when I saw BLACK I had to have it. The versatility of the CCB are so vast that a black without and shimmer seemed like a must have. Then I got home and learned it couldn't be used on the lips, which sucks because I thought it would make a nice black base or lip colour. Oh well. I still love how nice and rich it is

I got both the black(midnight media) and violet (night violet) mattenes. I love the violet and can see me actually wearing it on a night out. The black one I wanted for more for my kit than anything. I can see mixing them with other colours to tint and adjust them as needed but also for more theatrical purposes. I love that both the colours are not just matte (well they are mattenes) but they have no glitter in them.

The last item I got was blackware lipglass. I love this item the most. I can see putting this ontop of the mattenes or on top of a light lipstick or even a nude shade. I debated buying the black lipstick but I figured that if I used the black mattene and put this on top of it it looked the same and I was already buying alot of black and that since I wont be using this on a regular bases it would be wiser to save my money. I still would love to have the lipstick just for my kit.

The other item I debated getting was the greasepaint stick. It was smooth and looked amazing, but it is a greasepaint stick and after makeup school I have learned to hate greasepaint. As well I also have the CCB and I feel that might just do the same thing. I will mull it over for a little while.

As I use them I will review them in more details about how I like them and some looks that I have created with them.

Thanks for reading