Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Classic Shades (and Some New Ones Too)

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This month's theme over on the Canadian Beauty Blogger website is First Beauty Loves. This got me thinking about where some of my first beauty loves. The first thing that came to mind was Toast of New York Super Lustrous Lipstick from Revlon. I started wearing it when way back in 1994 when I was on the brink of turning 14 and wore it for at least 2 years straight. I know a lot of other people wore it through most of the 90s too!

The fact that the shade from my youth and is over 35 years old is still sold by Revlon got me thinking about what other classic or vintage shades of theirs are still being made (and sell out all the time). So with that, I bring you Six Classic Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick shades (and three new ones). All the classic shades are Creme formulated.
Shades left to right: Love that Red, Certainly Red, Fire and Ice,
Cherries in the Snow, Love that Pink and Toast of New York.
Love That Red (1951) creamy watermelon red
Love That Red is Revlon's original red lip shade. It has been around for 68 years and still looks fabulous. In fact, when Revlon launched their Street Chic collection of shades.
 Love That Red was included as its Paris shade. Showing that it is timeless and trendy.

Certainly Red (1951) creamy strawberry red
Certainly Red is just as old as Love That Red, and just as iconic.
It is a red, it has some blue pink in it making it lean on the cool side and making it super wearable for those that might not be drawn to reds.

Fire and Ice (1952) creamy hot pink-red
Fire and Ice is probably the most iconic of all Revlon lipstick. It launched with an ad campaign
that featured model Dorian Leigh. It was a big deal and a huge hit for Revlon. It even has had its own perfume! Here is a great article on the campaign and the image created in it.
The colour runs a bit orange maybe coral but is easy to wear. Here is a great review from my friend Arianne on the shade, check it out.

Cherries in the Snow (1953) creamy fuchsia
The year after Fire and Ice, Revlon launched Cherries in the Snow and used Dorian Leigh again. The colour is still so popular that the matching nail polish is still in production.
The shade is a cherry pink. It is kind of pink, kind of red, but it is bold but wearable.

Love that Pink (1955) creamy watermelon pink
It seems that this shade was Monn Drops and Super Lustrous shade for a while (Revlon discontinued their Moon Drops line in a few years back), but the Super Lustrious is the original.
It is a pink that is warm with a red base. No bubble gum pink or fuschia here, just a classic wearable shade that doesn't get old.

Toast Of New York (1984) creamy bright auburn
This was the IT shade of the 1990s. Cindy Crawford was a hot commodity at the time, she was a supermodel and happened to have her on MTV show (House of Style) as well as being a Revlon spokesperson. You could easily find dozens of photos of her wearing it, as well as many other celebrities. The shade is still around, and I must say quite trendy as everything 90's is in right now.
It is a classic 90s brick red and I must have used up about 8 tubes of it in a two year period in the mid-90s.

On to some newer shades.....

Forward Magenta matte magenta-pink
This one is a matte shade that is part of the new Matte Is Everything Super Lustrous shades. They come in the same tube, just with a matte finish to it and have no window on the top. They go on super smooth and feel actually really hydrating for a matte lipstick.
This shade is just a flat out magenta and I love it. I find it so wearable even though it looks really bold in the tube. I got this one at an event last year where Revlon was relaunching the Super Lustrous Lipstick line with some new shades and this was one of them. I even got it custom engraved with Ms. Fox on it (swoon).

Rise Up Rose matte rose-brown
This one is another matte. Still soft feeling and pretty hydrating for a matte lipstick.
I am not one to wear straight up browns so I look for shades like this one. It is a brown that has pink tones to it (thus looking much more wearable on me). 

Midnight Mystery pearlized navy blue
This shade is also part of the Street Chic collection, it represents London. 
It looks black with blue shimmers in the tube, but it is pretty darn sheer on the lips with no visible shimmer. It definitely is a deep shade that leans blue. That being said, you can build it up quite a bit to a more deep finish. I personally love having a black that is not just a flat matte shade, I can mix this with other shades and make them a bit deeper too.
So there you go nine shades of lipstick from one of the most long-running and iconic lipstick formulas of all time.

I really love the formula of the Super Lustrous Lipsticks, they are creamy, hydrating and go on even and smooth. They also are unscented! Which is kind of a big deal for drugstore lipsticks. An extra bonus is you can often find them on sale for about $6 which makes them super easy to find and afford.

An added bonus for me is how smooth and evenly they do on over my lip scars. I have scars on the edge of my lips and often have a difficult time trying to get a liner to go over them easily, this formula applies over it with ease and you cannot even tell that have the scars after application.

What was the first beauty product you fell in love with?
*I bought 7 of these lipsticks with my own money, two I received as pr samples. All views and opinions are my own.