Beauty Stocking Stuffer Ideas from FarleyCo

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Christmas is almost here, but if you are anything like me you probably still have some gifts to buy. Today I am going to talk about some great stocking stuffers or value gifts you can easily find and pick up.

All these items are from FarleyCo, a great Candian distributor of beauty products, they can be found on their site but also many great stores like Rexall, London Drugs, Walmart and others. Check out to find out where each brand is sold.

Flexitol Very Dry Skin Cream ($12.99):

Dry skin is all around this time of year, and I think I can fairly state that everyone would appreciate a little bit of extra skin cream in their lives.

I personally wash dogs for a living and then dry them, my skin gets dry and chapt and well frankly bleeds. One thing my skin cannot handle is fragrance this time of year or added water, which is why Flexitol's Very Dry Skin Cream is so great.

It is thick and a little goes a long long way, all the while being made for very sensitive skin that is reactive. It has 12.5 Urea in it, which is known to aid those with extremely dry skin. Safe for those with Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and just winter itchy skin this stuff is amazing I highly recommend trying it out. Oh, it also isn't greasy.

EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit ($18.99):

With an eco outlook to their brand, EcoTools is one of the best brush lines out there. They always have great sets and kits that make for great gifts. This year their STart the Day Beautifully Kit caught my eye.

With 5 brushes (angled foundation, blurring, defined crease, angled liner, full blush brush) it has everything you need for your whole beauty look as well as a great tray to store them in and look cards to help you create the perfect look.

I think this set is the perfect gift for anyone who just doesn't' know where to start with makeup and brushes or a teenager. I remember getting my first brush set from my mom when I was 16 for Christmas and it started a love affair that has never ended. At $18.99 it makes a great stocking stuffer too.

7th Heaven Masks ($1.99+):
I love a good face mask, and I can almost be certain that your loved ones do too. 7th Heaven makes fantastic masks in pouches that mean you can pick up one or a few for everyone whos stocking you need to fill. They are easy, fun (I mean look at that packaging) and they are great quality. Since they are individually wrapped, they never dry out, get oxidized or get contaminated by our fingers, making, plus you can try out a who bunch of different one at a very low without committing to a large container, all at reasonable price point.

I have the Pink Guava Peel-Off one here, but I have in the past I have used their mud sheet masks and even foot ones. My hubby always loves a good peel-off mask, so this one is a great one to toss into his stocking this year.

Mesmoreyes Full 3D Lashes ($6.99):
Lashes are fun and always a welcome addition to my life, so if I like to get it I like to give it. Mesmoreyes Full 3D Lashes have multi-layered lashes for a 3D effect. They also have a bunch of different shapes available with handy eye shape descriptions so you can get the right fit for your lashes (or your loved one).
I really love Mesoreyes' lashes, they are fantastic quality at a good price. Plus clear bands are what I love so I love these (naturally).
Real Techniques Mini Brushes ($8.99):
I love REal tEchniques, this should be no surprise to you. I have so many of their brushes, sponges and sets, all of which I love. Their Miracle Sponge is my ride or die sponge, you will be prying that from my dead hands one day. That being said RT has some great mini brushes for the holidays. I have the Mini Medium Sculpting Brush here and it is adorable.

So it is tiny, which automatically makes it adorable, but it is also just as good as the full-sized versions. There also is an Expert Mini Face and Mini Multitask Brush. Pop one of these into a stocking and I am sure you are going to hear an AWWW because it is so darn cute.

So there you have it, some fun beauty stocking stuffer ideas. I personally would love to get any of them in my stocking this year.

What do you love to find in your stocking?

*These products were sent to me to review from FarleyCo. All views and opinions are my own.