Zoya January 2018 Mystery Box

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I little while back I caved and ordered a Zoya Mystery Box. I pretty much saw an ad on Facebook and bought one on a whim. It seems Zoya offers these boxes a few times a year and they come with an incredible value.  All I had to do is order 3 polishes from the site worth $10 and apply a code. I got $100 worth of mystery goodies from Zoya and free shipping. So let us see what I got and what I thought of everything.
First off I ordered 3 polishes, Jill, Sage, and Ana. Sage and Ana are satin shades, which I guess I quite prepared for. They seem to run more matte then satin, and are sort of streaky and hard to work with. Jill on the other hand is a beautiful shade that looks amazing on my skin and is really easy to apply. I clearly ordered it just for the name, but fell in love anyway.
Now, onto the box. Technically the box is free since I only paid for the polishes, so I have zero complaints about it. I will say that after the $3.90 international fee and conversion rate this order of just 3 polishes came to a whopping $51.00 CAD on my credit card. So yeah the box is a great thing, but I would never pay that for just three polishes
The box is cute and like everything in my order, safely packed. I got three coupons for future orders as well a booklet describing what is in the box.
First up, Naked Manicure Hydrate and Heal Serum ($12). This is a serum meant for hands and body that has hyaluronic acid in it to help hydrate seriously dry skin. It comes in a little sprayer that is actually pretty easy to use, not much mess comes from it.  It has no real scent to it and just feels like you applied water to your hands, so it absorbs right away. I don't find any real hydration comes from it on its own, but it is meant to be used with the next product.

Accompanying the serum is Naked Manicure Hydrate and Heal Cream ($12). This cream comes in a stiff bottle that makes getting it out a bit of a pain. Meant to go with the serum to help lock in moisture, it is a relatively light cream, not greasy and absorbs relatively quickly but still lingers on the hand, which is really nice because nothing sucks more to me then a cream that vanishes and leaves my skin wanting more. I overall like it, the feel, the results, the scent, but think I will use it up much faster then the serum.
Now on to the big items, the Naked Manicure system. This seems to be Zoya's big deal right now, so I got a NM Base Coat ($12), NM Lavender ($10) and NM Glossy Seal ($12). This is their system that provides you with a manicure that (*gasps*) looks natural. The system provides nourishment to the nails as well as treats damage, improves flexibility and strength. In between the base and the top coat is a lavender tinted clear coat, it is meant to colour correct yellow or other stains left on nails from using other polishes. There is also a few other shades, including  pink, which I would actually really like to try. The end result with this manicure is natural looking nails that are healthier and really pretty. I have tried it a few times and really do like how my nails look, much better then when I just wear a clear polish or a strengthener on them. Sadly my job is probably going to rip my nails apart and I won't get too much of a chance to try it on some more grown out nails.
I also got a Zoya lipstick in the box, mine is in the shade Addie ($12). Addie is a mauve pink that I really like to stair at. I am going to give this to my cousin though since her father (my uncle) is named Addie, and I really think she would enjoy it more then me.

Solid Gold Cuticle Oil ($12) is a gel cuticle oil that has tea tree oil in it to stop fungal growth. I really like how this is in a tube and gel, something I thought I would hate. It really is more of gel then an oil and is completely mess free. It also doesn't smell like tea tree, which is very nice.

Fast Drops ($8), are a tiny little bottle (5ml) of fast drying drops. I actually like the tiny dropper because usually I cannot control applying drops to well and end up waisting a lot of it.
Also in the box is a brand new shade that is just being launched of their Nail Polish ($10) in the shade Brighton. This is a champagne fine halo shade. I really like how it applied on my nails, it is more shimmer then shade but after two coats it looks really pretty without being too shimmery on your nails due to the fact the halos are so tiny

Finally I got a trail sized bottle of Remove+ ($4.60). It is their 3 in 1 remover, which is a mild action nail polish remover which also preps and cleans the nails.
Overall I am happy with this box. They promised me $100 USA worth of product and I got it! I also paid nothing for the box, just my three polishes and an international fee that was pretty small. I am excited to get to try out the Naked Manicure system because I have only heard good things about it as well as the other fun goodies in the box.

*Features paid for items