Wet N Wild New 2018 Launches

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Exciting news guys, Wet N Wild is launching a bunch of new products in 2018, and they are all coming to Canada! I for one am super stoked about this news because I just adore Wet n Wild and I manged to get a peek at the times at a showcase a few weeks back and everything was AMAZING! I really cannot wait.

Mega Cushion:
First up WNW's Cushion Colour Correctors, Highlighter and Bronzer are all coming to Canada in the new year. They have been in the USA and online for a while, but now we too can access them, and that is pretty exciting to me.

Cushions are such a popular trend right now, so it is only natural WNW would jump into making some themselves, but only a few high end brands make colour correctors in it, so it is nice to see that they are going to be much more accessible to the general public. 

The line will feature a Green, Peach and Lavender Correctors, a Bronzer and a Highlighter. The best part is (other then the fantastic formula) that they are going to be $7.99 Canadian, which makes snatching them all up extremely affordable.

Color Icon:
Another think that has gotten me super excited is that their eyeshadow palettes are getting a significant makeover. The trios are getting a fourth transition shade (thus becoming quads)  and the larger eight shade palettes are getting two new transition shades. They both are also getting newer improved formula. Since these are some of their most popular products, it is pretty exciting to be getting more shades and a formula upgrade. 

The best thing is that loved palettes aren't going anywhere. Below is a photo of the old and new Sweet As Candy palette as well as Comfort Zone. Plus they are adding new palettes to the ranges. The Quads are getting three new ones, bringing the total to number of palettes to six and the 10-Pans are getting three more making the total in the line four.
They WNW didn't forget their Eyeshadow Singles, they have gotten a new look and formula too. They'll be $1.99 Cad when they launch next year.
There is also going to be new Glitter Singles. Single pan glitter shadows infused with vitamin E in seven shades.

Hello Halo:
The product I am most excited for is Hello Halo, a liquid highlight. In a tube with super fat doe-foot applicator, these creamy highlighter are just freakin' awesome. I feel in love with them at the showcase, especially the Holographic shade.
There are going to be seven shades in total, ranging from halo, bronzy to rose gold. The shades Halo and Holographic both have me wanting them. Before I tried them I was obsessed with getting CoverFx's holographic shade, but as soon as I saw this that idea went out  the window. These are so darn pretty I just cannot properly express how great they are. And the best part is they are only $7.99 Cad, so you don't have spend a fortune to get them.

Other Additions:
In addition to these new items in the line up some other items are getting additions.  Their Perfect Pour Gel Lip Liners are getting six new shades bringing the range to total of twelve. Photo Focus Setting Spray will be gaining a Matte version. There are going to be new retractable Brow Pencils which look amazing. Those white and pink brushes that have only been in the USA or online for the last two years are finally making their Canadian debut. Finally their MegaGlow Highlighting Powder is getting some new shades added to its already popular line up, bringing the number available up to six.

All in all there are so many incredible new items coming to Canada from Wet n Wild it is a bit hard to contain myself. I am lucky enough to have a few already in my hands, but I am going to hunt down the Hello Halo sticks as soon as they get to Canada. As well I am going to update my eyeshaodw collection, I love my old trios, but the new quads look so much better and frankly for the cost there is no way I can pass up getting new ones.

What new Wet N Wild items interest you the most? What do you think of the new stuff?
*Products were given to me from PR for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own.