Dr. Roebucks The Healthy Skin Pack Review

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Dr Roebuck's Healthy Skin Pack is the ultimate gift, travel pack or trial pack. Featuring 4 key products from the Dr. Roebuck's range. This pack includes 4 separate tubes of FACE, LIPS, PURE and LIPS. -beautyboutique.ca
 A little while back I won a quad of mini products from a Dr. Roebuck's Instagram contest. While I have tried (and loved) their products in the past, this little mini set seemed the perfect way for me to give some of their products a serious try and was perfect for my recent trip to Vancouver.

Dr. Roebuck's The Healthy Skin Pack has four minis in it.  Pure 20ml, Face 20ml, Polish 20ml, Lips 10m. The set costs $39.95 Cad and the brand can be found at Shoppers Drug Marts and BeautyBoutique.ca 
Face I had tried before, I actually really love this cream. It is a great day or night cream that has anti-aging properties to it. I find you need a very small amount of it to really hydrate your skin. I really liked using it on my vacation as a day cream (before my sunscreen).

Pure is also a day / night cream. It helps with hydrating and locking in hydration for drier skin types. The brand recommends you use a thicker layer that will leave your face a bit white and wait for it to absorb into the skin after a few minutes. Because Pure is so thick and it  is meant to go on in a thicker manner, I liked using it on my vacation at night. My skin was a bit beat up after a long day and it is a nice treat and almost like a mask.
Polish is a fantastic face scrub and mask all in one. It scuffs off your dead skin cells using jojoba beads and if you leave it on a few minutes helps exfoliate further. It is recommend you remove it wit their toner, Tone. I did not have Tone so I just used a wet facecloth. I used this every other night when I was away and I really liked how soft my skin was. I always followed it up with Pure.

Lips is a lip balm. Nothing too fancy here. It is really thick and almost mask like. So when my lips started to get dehydrated from the fact we were on the ocean, I wasn't drinking enough water, eating out all the time and drinking a bit too much alcoholic beverages it was a really nice lip treat. I actually really love this stuff. The ingredient list is incredibly simple (like all Dr. Roebuck products), Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Grapefruit Oil, Peppermint Oil, making it even more effective at fighting dry lips.
I really liked this set, it is a great way to try out a bunch of products from the brand without breaking the bank. Also fantastic to travel with. The only thing that threw me is it has two lotions but no cleanser. I brought along my travel sized Fresh Soy Face Cleaner, so it wasn't a big issue, but I would have loved if it was an all that you need type of set.

What are your must have travel essentials? Would you like a set like this for your next trip?
*I won this set in an Instagram contest held by Dr. Roebuck's. All views and opinions are my own.