Le Petit Marseillais Lavender Honey Extra Gentle Shower Creme Review

by - Thursday, November 02, 2017

Lavender is one of those floral scents I just cant get enough of. It is warm and comforting and frankly quite healing on my reactive skin. Come the fall and winter I just want to cocoon myself in the scent at night and cuddle in with a hot cup of tea and my fur babies and call it a day. Lucky for me Le Petit Marseillais makes a fantastic Lavender Honey Shower Extra Gentle Creme Body Wash that makes my night time fantasy routine a reality.
Le Petit Marseillais is a French brand that has been creating sunny French county side inspired scents for over 35 years. Their Shower Creme Body Wash formula is incredibly moisturizing. I tried out their Orange Blossom version last winter when my skin was actually cracking and flaking, I found that the formula manged to clean my skin nicely, smelt amazing and hydrated my skin so well, three things that don't always end up happening with some other body washes. The Lavender Honey formula is just as fantastic and I cannot stop using it. When I use it my skin doesn't get inflamed, cracked or dried. Frankly I am super impressed that a scented body wash can be this gentle, it is actually amazing to me.
Other then the fantastic rich scent of lavender mixed with honey, this body creme has the fact it is such a gentle and hydrating product backing it up as a must buy from me. I have used it also as a bubble bath, and while it isn't meant to be one, it creates some fantastic long lasting bubbles.

Overall I am totatly sold on this brand. I am going to definitely buy some of the other  scents in the line up, White Peach and Nectarine and Cotton Milk and Poppy sound amazing.

Have you tried any of Le Petit Marseillais Products Yet? What is your favourite scent?
*Product was sent from PR for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.

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