Nair Nourish Crème for Legs & Body

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Hairy legs seem to be almost every ladies summer concern. My hair is fairly light in colour and sparse, so shaving often slips my mind until one day I am putting on some sandals and see how my hair has grown so long I can't envision how I missed it for so long. This summer I have had a ton of cuts and scratches on my legs from dogs, cats, gardening and other mystery incidents I don't necessarily recall. Making shaving a bit more treacherous, the last thing I want is to nick my legs more. Lucky for me I happen to have a tube of Nair Nourish Crème for Legs & Body on hand to help me with the task of safely removing my leg hair.

This version is meant for legs and body, but I have only used it on my legs. It features ribbons of hydrating Grape Seed Oil as will as other antioxidant and hydrating ingredients. Plus it only takes 3 minutes to work, meaning I have no real excuses.
Now like most hair removers you cant put it on cuts or irritated skin, which honestly is just like a razor, but it is such a tick cream that I can easily avoid my cuts and scratches and only put it where I want it. 

I personally have never used a hair removal product before, I thought they would smell strong, dry out my skin and take 15 minutes to do their work. Boy was I surprised to find I was wrong about all of those things. The cream spread on eventually and only took 3 minutes or my most thick and hairy places (my knees to be honest), I just brushed my teeth and flossed and the time was gone. I just washed it off with a sponge in the shower and my legs were not only hairless but well moisturized. I found there was little to no smell too, which was amazing. My legs were soft and smooth.
I am completely in love with this product, how easy it is to use, the lack of smell and the effectiveness of it all. I am going to try it on my arm pits next and Mr. Fox's shoulder (we have a tends machine and it needs hairless skin for the pads to properly adhere and he has a shoulder injury)

Have you tried Nair Nourish Creme before? What do you think of hair removers?

*Product was sent for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own. No I have no clue how I get most of my cuts and bruises, they just show up, I am blaming dogs and general clumsiness.