Guerlain Happy Glow Meteorites

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Guerlain Meteorites are hands down one of the most iconic items I happen to have in my collection. 2017 marks a milestone for this legendary product, it turns 30. In honour of Guerlain Meteorites 30th there is a limited edition of the beautiful pearls out, Happy Glow Meteorites.
Housed in a beautiful white sphere that has a pink luminescence to it making it look like a pearl, Happy Glow has a unique blend of colours in it.  Still scented with the iconic Violet scent that I consider intoxicating, these pearls are glowy indeed. It features mauve and pink pearls, tiny little bronze pearls and larger champagne coloured pearls. It overall has a more shimmery look then the permanent line but less then the holiday ones.. All of which makes it a unique blend suiting of a 30th birthday.
01 Blac De Perle on the left vs. Happy Glow on the right
This beautiful baby will join my collection that already features two holiday limited editions (2015 and 2016) and 01 Blanc de Perle and a custom blend I got made at their 30th anniversary party. As well as my Meteorites Base, a beautiful primer that features pink pearls suspended in a clear primer base.
01 Blanc de Perle and Meteorites Base
Before I leave you, here are some facts that I find interesting about Meteorites
  • They are hand made in France with a very specific formulation, only 4 people handcraft them. 
  • Each batch and formula has a specific amount of each shade in it (meaning every batch you get will be exactly the same, no wondering if one batch has more or less of a shade in it).
  • Each container is hand filled for accuracy and care.
So there you go a bit of a run down of Meteorites and a look a why I love them so much.