Vichy Mineral Masks

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Vichy recently launched a new line of face masks that are truly fantastic. Each of the three masks is formulated to help skin in different ways, each contains minerals and Vichy's Mineralizing Thermal Water. 
With the multi mask trend well on its way, the idea of picking up more then one really appeals to me. My t-zone, chin and cheeks are nothing alike in skin care needs or condition. My dry patches and oily zones are not the same at all, so why would I even consider treating them the same way?

Pore Purifying Clay Mask
Are you in the market for a new clay mask? One that purifies and refines your pores? Well if you are this one may be your new best friend. With Kaolin an Bentonite Clays to help purify your skin this mask sure is fantastic. It also is really thick, so you don't end up using a whole lot of it when applying it, it just smooths out and covers your skin really nicely. 

I have dry skin so using this all over is not a real option, but I do get spots and I have a slightly oily T-Zone. I usually apply it to my T-Zone (forehead and nose) but also will do spot treatments with it. I like to leave the spot treatment on all night and wash it off in the morning. Nothing stops me from trying to pop a painful spot like having a mask on it, plus it always feels so much better in the morning (and looks smaller too).  Any areas I use this on always have better looking pore the next day.
Like other mineral masks out there (Glamglow, I am talking about Glamglow), you'll see the imperfections and oil popping out as it dries, but unlike some other brands (still Glamglow)  this one doesn't irritate or burn my sensitive skin (I usually have an issue with muds being just too strong for me). Which is always great thing about Vichy, their products are tested under dematological conrtol to be hypoallergenic

Quenching Mineral Mask
Do you have dry, tired, or even tight skin? If so this may be what you've been looking for. This clear gel does all kinds of wonderful things when my skin is feeling dry or tight. It contains Green tea, Jasmine and Vitamin B3. 
Right now with the colder weather I can say it has been fantastic for me. While I do sometimes use this as an all over the face mask, I tend to just place it on my cheeks, the place my skin gets the most dehydrated or dry. It feels so cool and soothing when applied to my skin that no matter the condition it is I always feel better after using it.

Double Glow Peel Mask
This isn't what you might think of when you think of a peel, you actually wash it off, you don't peel it. Applied in a circular motion, the Volcanic stone which is super fine helps buff away your dead skin cells.  Then the AHA and Vitamin C exfoliate your skin while it sits on your face The end result is skin with far less dead skin cells, smoother skin and fading to imperfections. 
I love this mask because my skin can be very sensitive or reactive to ingredients in peels, but not this, like all Vichy products its been tested for sensitive skin and it shows. This mask I usually use all over, but if I am doing a mix of things I would use it around my chin and mouth area since that is where I have some post acne marks I wish to diminish some more. The physical mineral exfoliator is so fine I can't see it, but I can feel it when buffing it on, but as I said it is so fine so my skin isn't irritated at all.

So there you go, three new mineral masks from Vichy all targeting different skin care concerns that I am in love with

Have you tried any of these new masks? What are your skins top concerns?

*Products were sent to me for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own.