Mary Kay Holiday 2016 Items

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Mary Kay has launched some pretty great new items in their winter collection. Liquid Eyeliner that has some serious precision to it, gorgeous eyeshadow that suite almost everyone and a lip duo that can help save your lips from the dry winter weather.

I love a good eyeliner pen, but sometimes they have too pointy and long felt tips that I feel I can't get the precision or thickness I want out of. Sometimes they are brushes which flop around lacking control. Not Mary Kay's Liquid Eyeliner pen, it is the best of everything. A nice liquid product flows just right out of this felt tip pen. But it has a rounded to a point tip that aids in a perfect application. The pen is also not to thick to hold in my hand, which can be a big deal a times.  The formal is a nice dark black, not grey or off black and doesn't smudge on me.  I am in love.
There are three limited edition palettes, each featuring four eyeshadows in beautiful shades. With silky smooth finely milled pigments, they blend with incredible ease. They also work amazingly well wet, which gives them extra depth and colour.

Moroccan Dunes
This more nude palette features a design on the shadows that resembles sand dunes (hence the name) or as I see sea shells. With softer and very wearable shades, this one is my favourite in the collection and I find I wear it quite often.  The cream makes for a great metallic highlight or all over shade. The peachy nude is also great all over the lid. There is a light lavender shade and a taupe shade. All of them can look kind of the same in a look, but it really is a wearable palette that I really like the looks I can create with it.
Maui Gardens 
This palettes texture is that of waves or grass as I see it. It features a beautiful blue that has a duo chrome-metalicness to it that I am just fascinated with. The green is similar in its depth. While the cream shade is really almost a dusty gold. Finally the bronze shade is a deeper brown type tone. This palette is extremely wearable for those who like a bit more colours to their looks. These ones don't have chunks of shimmer or glitter in them at all, making them some that I love to use. The blue or green make really nice crease or liner shades.
Paris Starlight
These have a texture that is geometric, so I suppose they are to look like the twinkle or stars. They are metallic like and are great without chunks of shimmer or glitter in them. There is a great metallic taupe, medium purple, lighter slate grey and a silver, it makes for a great holiday look.
Overall these palettes make for great looks, they have great shades and formula that blends really well. Definitely a fan.

This set has saved my lips this winter. Featuring two parts, a Shea Sugar Scrub and Shea Butter Balm, it is a dynamic duo that I think all lips need this time of year. 

The scrub is sugar based and gently scuffs off dead and flaky lip skin, leaving your lips super smooth and sweet too. The balm moisturizes with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil for silky lips that are hydrated.

Not only is this set keeping my lips from cracking, flaking and getting dry, it taste/smells really good. 

So there are the new items from Mary Kay for the winter. I really am loving all of them.

*products were sent to me from PR for review purposes, all views are my own.