Dermablend Professional - Smooth Liquid Camo, Loose Setting Powed and Makeup Remover Review

by - Tuesday, January 31, 2017

No name is as synonymous with full coverage foundation as Dermablend Professional is. I was lucky enough to attend a launch event where I got to learn all about their products. I witnessed tattoos, birthmarks, and major skin imperfections be covered flawlessly. I was quite impressed.

 With there full coverage Cream Cover foundation (20 shades), Smooth Liquid Camo medium coverage foundation (15 shades) and their Intense Powder Camo (15 shades) they have you and your needs pretty much covered no matter your skin tone.

I got to try out their Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation, which is a buildable coverage foundation that is medium in comparison to their cream foundation, but pretty darn full coverage compared to other brands out there. It is breathable, smooth and looks really natural on the skin.
I find it quite amazing how well it covered all my imperfections without the need for any concealer whatsoever. No concealer, just foundation. For the liquid I like to use a sponge, for the pictures you see I used a Beauty Blender sponge, but I like a Real Techniques too.

Before (makeup free face)
After (Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation)
It dries nicely without feeling too heavy or cakey. I do find it can crease around they under-eye area, so setting it is a good idea (more on that below).

Before (left) and After (right) side by side:
For setting, Dermeablend makes a fantastic Loose Setting Powder, I got it in Translucent to try out. It comes in a gigantic sifter tub with a big fluffy puff. Dermablend recommends putting it on heavy and leaving it for 10 minutes before dusting off the excess and making sure your makeup is fully set. It help your makeup last up to 16 hours, stop smudging and transferring.
I find the powder to be really great for setting the majority of my face. It is too heavy around my under eye area. I like a lighter powder for that area. I can see if I used a cream foundation it being really for insuring it is going to set and last all day. I love that it is a gigantic container (28g) of the product, I won't be running out of it any time soon. I also really appreciate that it is not a velour puff but a feathery type one (what do you call these type? I really don't know), it picks up tons of product and helps me apply it without having to pat it down or touch the skin too much.
Finally I got to try out their Long Wear Makeup Remover, a creamy remover that can tackle heavy and waterproof makeup in no time. I like to apply some cream to a cotton pad and hold it over my eyes for about 30 seconds and then wipe, I also glide it over the rest of my face. No tugging or pulling necessary, just easy removal of tough makeup.  You need to cleanse your face after using it, but it really works to break up any makeup you might be struggling with.
Over all I have been loving everything I've tried. My skin has been less then perfect lately, my chin is a pile of red bumps that refuse to go away,my under-eye area has always been plagued with circles, my nasal area is red due to hormones,  I have a reoccurring red spot between my brows and the area surrounding my up lips has spots and indents from past acne spots. Having a fuller coverage foundation like this that is still liquid is great for covering it all quick and easy. I don't need layers of concealer and tons of blending, just some sponging and repeating where I need a tad more coverage. My skin also doesn't feel like it can't 'breathe' when I have it on, I can laugh, smile and live my life without that mask feeling.

You can find Dermablend Professional at select Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada.

Have you tried any Dermablend Professional products? Do you need some more serious coverage sometimes?

*Products were sent to me from PR for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.

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