Quo for the Holidays 2016

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It is time to look at a few of the holiday option that Quo has going on this season. Every year they launch a variety of items, this year is no different, and I happen to have three to look at today.

Luxury Lipstick Wardrobe ($30.00)
This lipstick set features four stunning lipsticks in beautiful gold tubes. They happen to have a nice weight to them, which adds to their glam and makes them feel very luxurious if you ask me.
They all are matte, have a nice creamy texture to them and are quite opaque. Despite having mango butter in them, my lips feel dry the next day. I do find they have a great wear time as well as general feel to the formula.
One of the nice things about a set like this is that you can keep them all for yourself (what I am doing), give them as a gift for one person or break them up into little stocking suffers for a few people, which makes it versatile as a gift.
Hidden Treasures Cosmetic Crackers ($18.00)
Crackers are a tradition in many homes during the holidays, it is mine. These cosmetics ones made by Quo add a little bit more glam to the night. I personally love crackers but hate it when I get a lame gift, so often the get left at the table and tossed at the end of the night. Frankly usually we get a kick out of the lame jokes and me refusing to wear the paper hat (its not happening people). These crackers skip the lame toy, hate and joke and stick with a lipgloss and eyeshadow duo instead.
Non of the products have colour names, so I just grouped them as they are in the crackers. There is a matte cream and matte brown shadow paired with a rosy gloss. The next set has a shadow duo with a light champagne with brown shade with a with a mauve gloss. Finally a shadow duo with grey and taupe shade with a milky light pink gloss.
All the glosses are shimmer free and have a nice amount of pigment to them. The shadows are not the most pigmented, but that actually makes them good to give out since you don't know what everyone's taste can be like.
Soft Focus Highlighting Palette ($30.00)
Finally I am going to look at this brush and highlighter set. It features a palette with three highlighters in it with varying textures.
The brushes are amazing! I mean it. I have used the rounded one to blend blend blend away lines ever since I got it. I put on contour that is a bit harsh, buff buff and its gone. The other brush is just as nice, It has quickly become my go to bush and highlight brush. Both are incredibly soft and have won me right over, they are just fantastic.

The palette has a pretty leafy pattern on the outside and has a nice weight to it, nothing to heavy while not feeling flimsy. The highlighters are very nice, some more shimmery then others, but all apply really nice to the skin.
The shade on the left is a neutral beige, centre is a Pearl highlight that has a slight pink tone to it and the right is a golden powder. At first I thought that I wouldn't like the ones on the left and right since they looked too shimmery (the right one especially), but it turns out they look great on the skin and the shimmer doesn't come off too glittery when applied. The only real down side is that there isn't too much of difference between the shades. My favourite one is the middle one, there is just something about it that makes my skin look fantastic.
There are plenty of other fun new items in the Quo Holiday 2016 collection, 27 items in the collection total. I personally am eyeing a brush set or two brush set and the contour set.

Is there anything from the Quo Holiday 2016 Collection that has caught your eye?