NIVEA's Classic Creme and Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls Review

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NIVEA is one of those brands that I know all of you have heard of and most of you have used as some point in time. With over 100 years of experience behind them and over 100 million jars old each year, NIVEA knows what they are doing when it comes to skin care.


NIVEA Creme wont clog pores, is great for your body, face and hands.This is NIVEA's standout and most iconic product and for a very good reason. My mother has used this everyday for as long as I can remember, in fact it is the only product she has ever used on her skin.
I love that it can be applied thinly as a rich moisturizer or thicker for an almost mask like product to really hydrate my skin when it is parched.
NIVEA's Creme is gentle enough to use on children, I clearly remember using it when I was a kid and I would get pink wind burned skin from playing out in the snow for hours. As an adult I like to use it when my hands and arms start to crack and get chap. Most products contain too much water and fragrance for these areas and can cause my skin to actually start to get really red and inflamed (I say angry) and will actually burn (a lot!!!).  NIVEA's Creme never dose this to my skin, it just soothes my skin and provides really rich hydration to it.

Creme has been a staple to me all my life, I guess it has always been in the background, but I doubt I could actually live without it. A small tin can last you a very long time, a large tin possibly forever. I know for a fact my mom keeps one on her vanity, her purse, office and car, and I don't blame her one bit. If you've been debating trying out this iconic product or have just forgot about it, I recommend you pic up a tiny jar and give it a try.

Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls

This serum features a clear gel that has bright yellow pearls inside it. When pumped the pearls get crushed and released with the gel. The result is a moussy textured serum that absorbs into your skin quickly and easily while feeling incredibly light.
Coenzyme Q10 is something our skin lose as we age, causing aging and wrinkles. Q10plus Pearls helps restore that Q10 to your skin. The pearls are a concentrated form of Coenzyme Q10, which results in a highly potent product that becomes active when crushed into its serum.
Being in my 30's, fine lines and wrinkles have become more and more of a concern of mine. I want to fend them off the best I can as soon as I can. My skin has always been very dry, so a serum is always part of my routine to try to boost my hydration levels as much as possible. The idea that a serum can have powerful anti-wrinkle properties like Q10 in it while still being light and quickly absorbed by my skin is quite the amazing thing. My skin gets the hydration and anti-aging ingredients it needs in one easy step that is light and feels great on my skin.

Coenzyme Q10 is just one of its key ingredients, it also contains Hylauronic Acid and Creatine to help combat fine lines and wrinkles. The pearls in serum formal results in a fresh and active formula with every pump.

I love how smooth and soft my skin feels after applying the serum to my skin. I feel my skin is feeling more hydrated and looks less dull and more youthful the last few weeks that I have been using it. This one is definitely staying in my daily routine, because I am loving it.
Have you ever tried these products from NIVEA? Is their Creme a classic staple in your life too?

*These products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.