Hylamide SubQ Eye and Anti-Age Review

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Hylamide is a Canadian skin care brand that specializes in multi-depth hydration. While most brands focus on only hydrating the top layer of skin or the deepest layer of skin. Hylamide is different because it doesn't just do one type of hydration, it hydrates the top, middle and deep skin layers, leading to multi-depth hydration that really works.

Their Slogan is "Skin care for every depth of your skin" and I have a feeling they are pretty serious about that claim.

So today I'm taking a look at their SubQ Eye Cream and SubQ Anti-Age Serum

SubQ Eye Cream:
Described as a Serum Concentrate, this is a cream-serum that is a bit thick but almost instantly absorbs into your skin. The ingredients and their purososes are quite long so I'll just attach a friendly little list to make it easier (because I am not that technical when it comes to these things).

    • A Flavanoid Glucoside Bio-active - To reduce visible darkness under the eyes
    • A Darutoside Complex - For a lifted upper lid appearance and reduced visible sagginess
    • A Waglerin-1 Peptide Complex - Shown to reduce the look of dynamic lines around the eyes
    • Nonapeptide-3 Retino-Complex - A novel technology that promotes better visible anti-aging results than Retinol with less irritation
    • Flourinated Perfluorocarbon Complex - An extraordinary technology that offers visible tightening of the under-eye area both immediately and in the longer term
So yep, this stuff has some crazy science behind it, and it shows, because it works and it works well! 

Are my eyes less puffy? Yep. Are my eyes less dark? Yes. Are my lines less wrinkly? Yes indeed. Are my eyes hydrated, even though it is winter? Yes they are! Am I finding them less irritated? Heck yes!

So yes, I like this stuff, I love that it thick, that I can use it on my top eyelid, that it helps we just about every eye issue one can think of and it isn't irritating at all, I haven't woken up with with dry or puffy eyes in months. Oh yeah, it really hydrates well, which is a major issue with me in the colder months.

SubQ Anti-Age Serum:

This is a incredibly light serum intended to rehydrate your skin and reduce lines. What isn't to love about that? Filled with hyaluronic complexes and next-generation peptides it targets rehydration below the skins surface wile it improves lines, wrinkles and sageness of skin.

    • Copper Lysinate/Prolinate - Next-generation Swiss technology targets multiple types of collagen for overall improvement in visible skin health and visible skin age 
    • Nonapeptide-3 Retino-Coplex - A novel technology that promotes better visible anti-aging results than Retinol with less irritation 
    • Next-Generation Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 - Advanced form of Matrixyl (TM of Sederma) helps to reduce the look of lines, wrinkles and surface irregularities 
    • An Antarctic and Hawaiian Algae Complex - To promote renewal and help prevent moisture loss 
    • Next-generation skin binding glycoprotein for increased active exposure. Advanced binding agent optimizes skin exposure to active technologies for a boosted effect 
    • Contains five forms of hyaluronic compounds to target multiple depths: 
      • Ultra pure, non-animal-origin Hyaluronic Acid targets surface hydration and elasticity 
      • Two forms of very-low-molecular Hyaluronic Complex absorb quickly to target below-surface rehydration
      • A novel Hyaluronic Acid pre-cursor helps visibly plump skin 
      • A tamarind-derived plant hyaluronic form offers immediate rehydration
This winter has been pretty darn rough on my skin, but surprisingly since I  starting to use the SubQ Anti-age it hasn't been uncomfortable or super parched.  I really can say the multi-depth hydration is working for me and my dry/dehydrated skin type. My skin also feels nice and plump, which as I am now in my mid-30's makes me very happy.

It is also super thin so it just gets sucked up into my skin so quickly that I can move on to my next skin care step in no time flat. Which makes adding this step to your routine effortless.

Here is a look at the eye cream on the left and the serum on the right. You can see the Eye is thicker and slightly creamy, but it still retains a serum consistency. You can also see the Anti-Age is very thin, which makes it absorb so fantastically well.
If you're in the market for some new skin care to deeply hydrate your skin and is full of incredibly active ingredients, I am going to highly recommend that you look at these two products.

Have you tried anything from Hylamide? What do you think of their multi-depth hydration concept?

*Products were sent to me for review, but all views and opinions are my own.