Vichy Ideal Body Review

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While dealing with ridiculously dry skin isn't new for me, attempting to concur it once and for all is. I learned a great tip for dealing with my dry, dehydrated and peeling skin...layer my products. I was told that I should think of by body hydration the same way I do my face, serum then lotion or cream. So simple, yet it never occurred to me.  So, as the humidity left the Toronto air and the cold has set in, I finally decided to give it a go using Vichy's Idea Body Serum-Milk and Body Balm.
This Serum-milk is an emulsion gel enriched with mother-of-pearl particles to enhance the skin. As a milk, it delivers hydration and comfort, as a serum, it has a very fresh, fluid and melt-in texture that is instantly absorbed. It is possible to dress immediately. 
This is a light cross between a serum and a milk that absorbs really easily into the skin (something I love). It isn't heavy but it is really hydrating. I feel like my skin just drinks it up every time, and every time my skin feels and looks great after. I love the lack of effort needed to get it to absorb into my skin, definitely one of the best perks in this line.
This balm is ecognised for its excellence by Institut Vichy experts, enriched with nourishing and protective Shea Butter, the "cocoon effect" texture is smooth and enveloping. It melts into the skin on application, is quickly absorbed and leaves a powdery, non-greasy and non-sticky finish. It is possible to dress immediately
The balm has all the wonderful qualities I look for in a body butter, cream or balm, it is thick, rich, creamy, dense, hydrating, oh so hydrating. It is just so wonderfully thick and soothing now that it is cold outside. It also isn't heavy or greasy, which lets it absorb easily into the skin. It is only lightly scented so I don't end up with irritated skin like I might if I were to use a butter that is focused on fragrance. It also blends in wonderfully well, not heavy or thick, taking a long time to absorb, but nourishing and hydrating, which I think is quite exciting in a balm.
Since using these two products together, my skin has gotten a lot better. It is no longer chap and flaky, I feel I finally found the dynamic duo I needed to keep my skin well hydrated without too much effort. My arms no longer look dry, they look soft and smooth, radiant and not something I am afraid to show in the winter months.

In addition my dry, 20+ years older then me looking hands have started to look more hydrated and plump, maybe only 15+ years older then me now (it's a start).

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