Fall Hauling 2015 - Sephora VIB Rouge Sale, Murale, Bath and Body Works

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The pre-holdiday season hits us, I go shopping crazy with all the sales. Here are some of my most recent purchases.
 First off was Bath and Body Works. I went there because I had a spend $30 save $10 coupon and their candles were buy one get one free. I ended up getting a Cheers Candle (mulled wine) and a Twisted Peppermint (forgetting I had one from last year I have never used once). I also got Suncrisp Apple Harvest body wash because is was 50% off. When it was all said and done my bill was $20.50 before tax, a pretty good deal if you ask me. I plan on using the body was as hand soap and giving one of the candles away (check a gift off my holiday list).

 Next up was David's Tea. I really love tea, David's in particular. I have so many that I have declared that I am not allowed any more tea. I did cave and bought this Advent Calendar for $40. I decided the way it was layed out with the drawers and the mini tins that next year I can go into the store and buy 24 10g seasonal teas and refill it. That way I wont be wasteful with all the packaging (plus it was the only way I could actually justify the purchase). I also got the hubby a Purdy's Advent Calendar that looks the same for $25(you can check it out here), it also will be refilled next year.

I went to Murale (owned by Shoppers Drug Mart) and redeemed my points for the holly grail of holiday beauty products.....
Yep, the Guerlain Meteorites Flacons Enchantes

I got the last one. It was hidden in the counter and I had to ask for it. I was very happy. I love the snow and winter details to it. Oh and of course the beautiful meteorites with their little stars in them. The husband thought the stars and meteorites were cute together since they both are night sky items.
I also picked up the Nars and Steven Klein collaboration Despair Cheek Palette. I personally know I need no more blush, but I was cashing in all my points and decided why not get it since I got a blush palette the last two years from Nars' holiday collections.
On to the big one...Sephora.
Sephora had their annual VIB Rouge event and sale, where VIB Rouges get to attend a private shopping party and get 20% off their purchases as well as a gift bag.
I really don't think I went nuts, but I did buy some stuff

First off the Bite Mauvember lipstick (see my review here). I love this baby, I am so glad I got it.
Becca Glow on the Go set. This has a mini  Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight and Pressed in Opal. They are a bit smaller than I thought, but a good deal none the less. No regrets here, I really wanted to try some Becca out. 

Speaking of Becca, I also got the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Glow Palette. This features Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop as well as two other shades. As I said, I wanted to try some Becca out.
Buxom Look All You Want. I got this for $50 minus my 20% and was ecstatic. I got a Buxom custom palette a few months back and have yet to really dig into it, but love it. For the same cost I got this great palette in a limited edition case, a mini mascara and full sized liner. Great deal and very pretty colours.
I needed brush cleaners, so trying out the Cinema Secrets Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner Pro Starter Kit seemed like a great idea.

I keep on hearing good things about Sephora Collection products and have yet to really give them a try, so I got Sephora Collection Color Reveal Lip Balm.  It is supposed to be a self adjusting lipstick. 

This Sephora Cat Nap sleep mask is really cute. I wanted a new sleep mask after my other one got a little too dirty during the move. It is really thick and it is just too cute, crazy cat lady in me couldn't resist it.

The goodie bag. This bag was a great freebie. Sephora really showed us a good time with food and drinks at the event., but this bag was just the icing on the cake.
Oh and did I mention I renewed my VIB Rouge status for another year? Yeah, that happened. I am proud to say I did not do it on my own, I have friends who like me to get them stuff at these sales, which really helps rack in the qualifying dollars. But as I renewed it I got this adorable Marc Jacobs Exclusive mini red lipstick.

 I also redemed 500 points for this Urban Decay palette and eyeliner.

 So that is it, my gigantic seasonal haul. I did get some pretty good deals so I know I didn't spend too much at least. Did you get anything at the VIB Sale?