Guest Post: Et Tu And You - Review of PurMinerals Jupiter Ascending Palette

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Hi guys,
Guess what? I'm vacation this week. I'm off to Mexico for my brother's wedding. While I'm gone I've got a few gust blog posts for you from some pretty awesome bloggers. 

Let's get things started with a review from Meredith from Et Tu And You.
I'm going to review this palette and BE VERY HONEST ABOUT IT.

The packaging is beautiful -and I love how the actual palette is compact!
This palette includes a black liquid liner and a pink gloss-neither of which I have opened so I won't comment on this (yet).
What attracted me to this palette initially were the colors Night Sky, Jupiter and Caine.  I thought, "Oh these will be magnificient for fall."  Let's get to the swatches......let's ignore the horrible brush that's included -it is super scratchy. Blech.
These are the 6 colors in natural light with no primer. L-R that means: Destiny, Cosmo, Majesty, Night Sky, Jupiter, Caine.  Honestly, not that impressed.  The colors look like they have so much more to offer.  So I decided to swatch with primer:
Admittedly 'better' with primer-but where are Destiny and Cosmo? I can barely see them even WITH the pur minerals cease crease primer.  Majesty is still meh, but Night Sky, Jupiter, AND Caine are what I had hoped they would be.

They do about the same ON the eye. I would never *NOT* wear primer .....I really wanted this palette to be "better" but I'm a bit disappointed.  Granted, I was initially attracted to the 3 shades from the left....and those do perform with primer.   There is a bit of fall out with Caine because it contains heavy glitter.

Before I end, here's a quick picture of the gloss up close-while it is a pretty pink, it's nothing new
Overall, I know I can make this palette work but the light colors aren't worth it.  My alternative? Using colors from either Naked Basics or Naked2 for my 'lighter' colors.

Thanks for the great review Meredith. You can find Meredith over at