Empties: 10 I'm Tossing No. 1

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New year, new plan of attack. 

So pretty much I didn't get around to doing my last three months worth of empties posts. While I love doing them, if I don't get a months done right after the month ends I feel defeated and then procrastinate. So here I am with 3+ months worth of empties and feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

Why? While empties posts take no time to take photos of , they take forever for me to write about.  Today I found a solution...10 empties at a time. 

When I finish items I'll still toss them in my empties bag, but I'll just do 10 products at a time. That way no stress and no crazy long posts. So here it is, the first in my new series...

10 I'm Tossing:
Joe Fresh Nail Polish Remover: I got this because I needed a nail polish remover and I thought I'd like the bottle. It says acetone is the first ingredient so I thought it would be strong enough for me. It isn't - I need pure acetone. I don't have time for weaker stuff. Would I buy it again? No, maybe? I don't know. I pretty much want pure acetone. There was nothing wrong with this. I just am lazy. Acetone is so cheap (Walmart has it for about $1.90). I did like the bottle a lot and I got tons with this.
CoverFx Brush Cleanser: I got this when CoverFx was re doing their logo and everything was 40% off at Shoppers Drug Mart. I love this stuff. It is a fantastic brush cleaner. Would I buy it again? Yes, but sadly they don't make it anymore.
Pantene Dry Shampoo?: I got this at Dollarma. I love that it is a tiny sized spray great for work. Sadly it got empty really fast on me (was someone else using it?). It had no smell and left no white in my hair. Not as good as Batiste but pretty good for an alternative. Wold I buy it again? Maybe. I like it, and a full size is cheap but I doubt I would pay full price for a travel sized. 
Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover: A friend gave this to me when she sold Mary Kay. I really like it. It is a duo phase formula so it really cuts though waterproof makeup quickly. Would I buy it again? Yes! It works well and I really have no complaints.
Origins Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil:  I got this years ago at the Estee Lauder Sale. While I like it, I hate the bottle. I've just given up on it. It seems to be a bottomless bottle that won't disappear and without a pump I just never use it. Would I buy it again? Yes, no. I like it and it works well but there are cheaper alternatives with bottle I like better (i.e.. L'oreal and The Body Shop).
Garnier Damage Eraser Strength Reconstructing Butter  I got this quite a while ago in an Influenster box. I absolutely loved it (review here). I liked to use it about once every two weeks as my deep treatment. Would I buy it again? Yes! I really like this masque. Nothing at all to complain about here...it works really well and smells good too.
Be Better SPF 50 Spray Wet Sunscreen: I got this in the spring, I thought it would be a good purse sunscreen for touch ups (you know, reapply every few hours), but I found I hated it. It worked well as a sunscreen but if you weren't using it wet (which I wasn't) I found it pilled up on the skin and left if strange feeling. Would I Buy it Again? No....if it was on sale and I needed a sunscreen I might, but I would look for something I liked more. Why don't more brands make travel sizes? That is the real question.
The Body Shop Honeymania Body Wash: This travel size I got in a set last xmas holiday season. I thought getting a few mini sets would be a good way to try out the scent. So far I realized I really like the line. would I buy it again? Maybe! I like it as much as any other of The Body Shop body washes (I have many), but the sugar from the honey is my only question. I really question if it is the best idea to use it being a woman (meh, too much information, sorry).
Clinique Superfit Foundation: I got this at a Estee Lauder sale a few years back. It was discontinued when I got it...now it has oxidized. So that must mean it is time to toss it. Would I buy it again?No, it is meant for oilier skin than mine and it is discontinued.
The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil: I got about a year ago and have been using it off and on. I've always been a big fan of cleansing oil so when they started to pop up in drug stores and The Body Shop  I felt I should give it a try. Well I used it all up pretty fast once I started to use it more often. I love the formula, it really works well to get everything off my face at the end of the day without stripping it. I also love the pump (something I didn't like about the Origins' bottle not having one). Would I buy it again? Yes, but I have a few L'oreal Cleansing Oils to use up first..

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