Neutral November:Tate Away Oui Go Palette Swatches and Review

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I picked up this Ulta Exclusive palette during my recent cross border haul.
It has 3 glosses, a mini mascara, 16 eyeshadows and 4 blushes. It comes in an interesting travel case that lets you pop out a quarter out of the box so you can take it with you. 
Essentially it has 4 shadows and blush per quarter. Some are quite shimmery and some quite matte. They can work together quite well within our outside its quarter. 
There are three Lipsurgence lip glosses that have names of french cities. I was actually quite impressed with how opaque they were compared to the Maraca glosses I got a few years back in the Carried Away Set.
Left to right: Paris, Cannes, Nice.
 On to the meat of the set, the shadow and blushes.
left to right:
Private Chateau, cafe for creme brule, tea for two, marvel at the Mona Lisa,
macarons for you, champagne and chocolat, kisses under the Arc, art in Montmartre and envisioned.
Left to right:
snow angels in the parc, navigating the Metro, might night stroll, liaison at the Louvre, intrigue,
Champs-Elysées shopping, stargazing on the Seine, Eiffel Tower engagement, secret soiree and limitless
 Ok, so other than the mini mascara that is the whole set. Below is a quarter in the travel case.
  • Nice, nice set
  • Cute French names
  • Great pay off on the colours
  • opaque lip glosses
  • great for travel
  • great selection of mattes too
  • cute quilted case
  • only at Ulta in the USA (feeling the French names are lost on having it in the USA only, just watch one youtube video of people saying nice instead of Nice or Oui all strange)
  • The box it is housed in is large
  • impossible to pop the quilted case out using the ribbon, you have to pop it out of the plastic which damages it
  • No bright shades, pretty much all neutral
I really like the shadows and glosses! Really! I wish this was available in Canada, I really do. I love the range of textures and shades in this neutral set. I do not like the bulky packaging, where am I going to keep this? I guess the box looks nice on someones dresser but the gold detail is already wearing off the bottom. As well the caring case just won't pop out using the ribbon, nor the lip glosses leading me to question how long it will last and where I will house them.
But once again I really like this set.
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