Imats Toronto 2014 Wishlist

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It's that time of year again....IMATS is coming to Toronto and I have a list.

I am not going to stick to this list at all, I can just feel it. So for now here is what I definitely want.

Beauty Blender Mini
I want these. That is about it. I love my Beauty them. You cannot take them away from me. I have 3 already plus two Real Technique Sponges so I think I am OK in that department, but they just had to release something new. I want the minis so bad for under my eyes and any concealing that I need to do. I usually buy my Beauty Blenders at Imats or in the USA just because they are far to expensive here at Sephora.
I also want another solid cleaner by them, hopefully they have a nice combo set.

Beauty So Clean
Last year I picked up the spray fro cleaning my makeup, and while I use it a lot I still have quite a bit. What I am out of is the brush cleaner. I really liked the scented sprays that I've gotten in the past and hope to get some more.

Last year I got some great unboxed lashes at Nigels and want more. I remember it was quite the search to find some styles I liked but I really did like them. Maybe the best lashes I've ever used (I like clear banded lashes).

Clean Brush Shampoo
Another solid brush shampoo...while not Beauty Blenders, I have heard great things and want to try it out. I was thinking of getting the goats milk or olive oil version. I have been known to use either goats milk or olive oil bars of soap to clean my brushes without stripping them so these sound right up my ally.

Parian Sprit
Last year all I could find was a tiny tiny bottle, but I want a big one with the jar for cleaning. I will settle for another tiny one since it works so darn well.

I am a brush is true. I think I have 250 brushes at this point. Last year I picked up some Bdellium Tools for the first time and fell in love. I want more. More I say. Ok must calm down and limit my purchases at that booth. But let us be honest, there is no way I am leaving without at least something.
I also will most likely be going a little crazy at Crown Brushes' booth. I've been purchasing crown brushes for over 9 years now and really thing the best way to pick ones out is at the show. You get to feel them out and see what suits you. The duo fibre brushes are always fantastic.

That's it...hopefully. Is there anything on your Imats list?

Imats is going to be in Toronto November 22nd and 23rd this year, for more info go to
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