Christmas Gifts and Some Boxing Week Goodies

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I hope this holiday season has been treating you well. While I was one of many in Toronto and the surrounding areas to get their power knocked out from the ice storm, I was also lucky to have loved ones who offered us a warm place to stay. Once we got our power back (well then our landlords cut the heat off without telling us, so it took another day to get warm) we had a fantastic Christmas. I got spoiled with gifts of all types, but I thought I would share with all of you some of my beauty and other items I got. I also went Boxing Week shopping and went a little nuts, so there is lots of that here too.
Marcelle Cosmetics sent me and many other bloggers a fantastic holiday treat. I have been wanting to try out their CC cream for a long time and cannot wait to start using it. I also got a Bronzer Quad and a Pressed Powder Quad, Waterproof Mascara Top Coat, New Age 8-in-1 Power Serum and their Double Precision Liquid Eyeliner.  Thanks so much Marcelle, I cannot wait to start trying these out.
A customer of mine gave me these great Bath and Body Works items. I love each smell so much and cannot wait to use the body scrub. Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Wash, Stress Relief Bath Salts, Tangerines Body Wash and White citrus Body Scrub.

 Another customer gave me this great Holts bag filled with goodies.
 There is a larger and smaller bag and a bunch of interesting samples.
Now on to Boxing Week. I went to Davids Tea and saw they had a little box with a little tin of Cream of Earl Gray for $5. It is meant for putting a gift card in. I just got it without the gift card for the hubby since he loves Earl Gray teas.
I also went to Teavana and got the Holiday Favourites tea set, it was 30% off. It contains White Chocolate Peppermint, Pumpkin Spice Brûlée, Spiced Apple Cider, and Orange Chocolate Sweet Spice. I am in love wight eh White Chocolate Peppermint Tea!
Chapters had a holiday clear out sale on Boxing Week, I saw this fox was $5. I just need to find a spot to put it once our holiday decorations are put away.
My Shoppers that normally does not carry any Essence had a display for the Justin Bieber collection. I snagged a bunch of items. Shimmer Powder in 'Swaaaag!', eyeshadow in 'I'm Backstage', lipgloss in 'I'm Backstage', and a blush in 'Groupie at Heart'. I picked up the most interesting shades, I am very excited for the red red blush and shimmer powder.
I went to Sephora with Jenn from Scarlet Beauty and saw a bunch of great deals, mainly on Cake. I also did an online order, so I have to remember to add those when they arrive.
 I got the Cake Deep Affection set which contains Heavy Cream for hands and body. It was $19 I believe.
 I also got their Vanilla Cashmere Veleteen Hand Cream for $9
 I also got Cakes After Dark Set. I believe it was $15, I cannot find the receipt and Sephora doesn't list Cake on their site.
 It has a large shaker of their day Shampoo and Body Powder, a tin of their Stain Sugar Dry Shampoo and Milk Made hand cream.
 I picked ups  Caudalie Dry Skin Set, it was $12.
 It has their Gentle cleansing Milk, Moisture Recovery Cream, Hand and Nail Cream and Nourishing Body Lotion. I think I may give this to a friend next week for her birthday.
 I picked up Amazing Grace Body Wash for $12.
 I also got some Makeup Forever Aqua Shadow Duos. These were also available during Black Friday but I missed out on them. They were $12 for the set.
 Oh my there we go. Lots of goodies. Did you get anything amazing during the holiday season ?