Boston Trip Haul

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If you follow me on Instagram (hey, follow me on instagram!) then you might have noticed I was in Boston last week. I had a blast and managed to bring home some wicked awesome goodies (see what I did there, say it like a Bostonian now). 
We also got to eat, drink and visit some iconic places. We ate lobster at The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in America, we had some beer at The Bell in Hand the oldest bar in America, we walked around Harvard Square, walked the Freedom Trail, toured Fenway, ate at Cheers (don't do it) and so on and so on. We did a lot, and walked a lot.
Part of the Fenway tour.
Anyway here is what I brought back.

Aussie Moist 3 Minitue Miracle x3
I've pretty much wanted this stuff for months. I learned a while ago it was their first product and still their top selling item all these years later. Sadly they don't sell it in Canada. They cost $4.99 each at CVS.

Beauty Blender Sponge
 I still had money on my Sephora gift card so I thought I would take advantage of their much cheaper prices. For $19.95 I got a beauty blender (I have one but wanted a back up). I also redeemed 2 sets of 100 points for a mini Deborah Lipman Happy Birthday polish and a Caviar CC Cream. They also had little containers there where I could fill my own samples, how fantastic is that. I picked up some of the Urban Decay foundation and Clinique Even Better then Foundation, and an empty jar. The Sephora there was 3 times larger then any of the ones in Toronto, I even dragged the hubby in to admire it, his jaw dropped and then he dragged me out of there before I moved in permanently.
Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone and Fergie Blush
 I thought I would take the chance and get the iconic Comfort Zone Palette and try my hand at the Fergie blush. I cannot remember what they cost...about $5 each.
Hotel Goodies from Crabtree and Evelyn 
Everyday I put these in my bag, I am horrible, but friends of mine really like Crabtree and Evelyn and I was paying a lot for the hotel. Only one day did we get the mega-rich shampoo the rest were the cleansing version. I did use up a lotion in a day from getting too much sun and the weather being so much dryer.
Mint M&Ms
I love mint and I had to get these. I am only sad they were sold out of the larger bags. I really wish these were avalible here in Canada. They cost $3.99 a bag.

 Pretty much my crowning glory of all stores has its HQ in Boston, Trader Joe's. It is a health food store, with junk food too, and it is all crazy cheap. I really want them to expand to Canada already.

Nourish Spa Shampoo and Conditioner and Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash

The body wash leaked a bit on the way home, but it was safly placed in a ziplock bag, so all it well. I grabbed these becauseI heard a lot about them. They contain no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and smell pretty good. Oh and they were $3.99 to $4.99 which was great.
Tropical Sweetened Marcha Green Tea Mix and Irish Breakfast Tea Bags
 I don't know what drew me to the Matcha iced tea mix, but I wanted it, as for the Irish Breakfast, why not, I love tea.
Chocolate Orange Sticks
 I love these!!!! I get a minor supply a few times a year from friends, but man do I love them. I swear I will hurt anyone if they touch my stash. One is for a friend and the hubby already busted one open (I'm watching him). They are $4.99 each and worth it.
 I picked up for gifts for people some soaps. I got a double pack of Oatmeal and Honey soap and a double pack of Tea Tree Oil soap, $1.69 each. I also got a Fresh Linen Scent Hand Soap for a friend $3.99 (I think).
Mustard and Cookie Butter
 Hot and Sweet Mustard sounded amazing and was about $2 so I grabbed two. I can only envision eating it wish a ham or some sausage. As for the Cookie Butter, I heard lots about it and how it is a cult item. The jars are small so if I love them I will ration them and maim anyone how gets in my way.
Lavender Salt Scrub and Coconut Body Butter
 These sounded great and are in massive tubs, which the tops flip open on. So happy to try them out. The prices were about $5 each, maybe less.
 Beef Recipe Jerky Strips
 I got this for a friend, she took care of my dog Monty so I thought I would get her little girl something. Under $2.
Complete Body Cleanse
 So I do not believe in cleanses, not at all, but I do have IBS and this one seems to focus on digestion and fibre. There are liver pills, but I don't really care too much. It was super cheap at $12.99 so I though I would grab it to see if the fibre and digestion pills would do anything.
Walgreens Wal-Sleep Z
This one is also a gift. My poor pal suffers from insomnia and I got her in the spring some Zzzquil and she asked me to get her some more, instead I got the generic version in a bigger bottle. They only sell the capsules in Canada so this is definitely a good find. $7.99.
H&M Scarf
I got some goodies at H&M too, but the cutest thing was this Kisses scarf.

So overall we had a fantastic time, the hubby even brought back some tea that I cannot snap pics of because he has already ripped them open.