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Right now, until September 2nd, the Ontario Science Centre is featuring the Game On 2.0 exhibit. A hands on exhibition showcasing 60 years of video game history and innovation. 
I went a little while back and must say it was tons of fun to play so many vintage and current games. 
Game On 2.0 tracks the development of video games from the earliest computer games to arcade-era hits and the very latest from today’s multi-billion dollar industry with more than 150 playable games from across the history of the medium – including pinball games – as well as rarely-seen consoles, controllers and collectables -
old penny arcade games
penny arcade up close
the hubby choosing from three games.
He Chose Donkey Kong ( I swear it had a knock off name but cannot remember)
Chips! Boards! Oh fun
Street Fighter? Seriously I have no clue.
if you look up, you will see some neat consoles from around the world. This one needed a floppy and laser disc...crazy.
My favourite! Bust a Move !! I played this for a while competing with others ( and loosing).
Below are a series of handheld devices showcasing the history and variations of handheld devices over the years.
nintendo handheld devices
more nintendo
sony's evolution in the handheld market.
Part of the Marketing section of the exhibit, Pokemon.
So all in all we had a blast, lots of games to play, lots to read on the walls and learn about the history of games and their devices. There was even an arcade at the end filled with classics (track and field, Mario, centapeide).

I am going to say the only down side was many games would crash or the controllers would go and there was no one their to maintain them (like in an arcade) plus some people would hog games. A great example was the classic game Dragon's Lair, a gentleman with his infant strapped to him played the game for over 45 minutes, at that point we jumped on playing it, only to realize he stopped playing because it crashed. We couldn't play it after all. What a waist of time. Admittedly I think situations like that are rare and probably only happen to us.

After we were all gamed out we moved on to the rest of the Science Centre, I saw how much water  the hubby and I have in us (see below), how much water most food has in it, played some fun physics games and saw a rain forest.
45 L of water in
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