Weekend Hauling

By Monday, June 10, 2013 , , , , , , ,

I partook in some retail therapy this weekend. I ended up getting quite a bit of stuff.

First off was David's Tea. Now I've got a whole cabinet filled with tea, why I wanted more is beyond me (the hubby has threatened me and I am now on a tea shopping ban).
 I finally got a tea infuser, these babies are amazing for people who just want a cup of tea. Right now at David's tea if you buy a steeper you get a card that gives you 15% off purchases of 100g or more all summer long.
 I wanted the Mango Fruit Punch tea but they were completely out of it, so I got 100g of the Goji Pop tea. I am not sad I got it at all, it really packs a punch and I like that a lot.

Next up was Bath and Body Works, It seems my boycott is over since I feel in love with two of these scents. I am going away this week and thought of not having a nice spray to bring with was killing me. I picked up travel body sprays of Capri Seaside Citrus (I've got a full size already), Rome Honeysuckle Amore, and Beautiful day. I also got a mini Beautiful day perfume spray. I really love the Capri and Beautiful day scents. I don't know what it is but I cannot get enough of them and the both actually mix well together.
 I then went to Bulk Barn and got some more tea (I have a problem here). I love David's Tea's Mamma Mia and Starbucks Passion tea but they cost so much and just taste predominately of Hibiscus that I've decided to take some cost cutting measures. I got 3 Crown Rose-hip and Hibiscus Flowers tea before and I am in love. It is so tart and cranberry like I cannot get enough. 20 bags only cost $1.29 at my Bulk Barn so I grabbed 2 and thought I would also give the Fruit Mix a try.  I cannot stress enough, if hibiscus is what you are after give this tea a try.
 Finally I went to Forever 21 I saw this nail set and had to get it. I am fairly sure I am going to give it away, but I still think it is really neat.
I also went to Old Navy and Costa Blanca, to see what I got there please watch my video below.