SITAMAA Spa in Toronto - Brow Experience

by - Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Once upon a time there was a teenaged girl who had unruly brows, she plucked them and plucked them until one day several years later she started to get them waxed a spas. Years passed again and one day she was no longer happy with her now thin brows and she decided to stop going to the spas and let her brows grow in.  Today her brows are grown in nicely and it took a long time, but she had no clue how to shape them or what shade they should be with her brightly coloured red hair. What was she to do? SITAMAA Spa came to the rescue!
Ok so as you might have been able to figure out that girl was me and to further elaborate on my history of brow here goes. I had thick thick brows and I am fairly sure I would resemble the Frieda Kahlo if I never started to pluck at such and early age. Sadly I now have bare spots and the inability to grow in thick brows without waiting an extremely long period of time.

If this wasn't bad enough, I've had some bad experiences where I've ended up with comma eyebrows or just plain thin thin brows.

So I haven't been to a spa in ages.  My dear friend Meredith (from Et Tu and You ) told me she loves SITMAA and told me to give them a try.

I am so glad I did!!

SITAMAA has a very lengthy process to doing eyebrows, which is 100% worth it. They call it SITAMAA Exclusive Brow and Eye Treatment.

A consult reassured me that I was getting what was best for me and my brows. We talked about what I wanted done, the look I was going for, what works with my face shape and current brows. We also discussed what I was currently doing (she got it spot on by the way, I pluck the left first and go a little nuts and then too tired for my right side to do much of anything).

Another part of the consult was what was going to be done and what I felt comfortable with.

At SITAMAA they use threading, but I having had a bad experience with threading preferred wax. So we made a great compromise, waxing followed by threading to get the details and any stray hairs.

Then an Aveda eye treatment would be performed while my brows were tinted to just the right shade. Since my hair is extremely vibrant right now we decided that a darker almost (but not quite) black shade would be best to bring out the contrast in my hair and keep my face from being washed out.

The tinting also helps lighter hairs that might not be seen pop out more and complete the look. I really thought I had bare patches, but really the hairs were just more patches.
The end result were brows that were expertly shaped for my face and I didn't have to fill in my brows for a month and a half while my eyes felt refreshed and rejuvenated from the treatment.
See how perfect my brows are? I love them.
SITAMAA Day Spa can be found in the Manulife Centre in Toronto (55 Bloor St West).
They can also be found on Their  Website,  Twitter  and Facebook.

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