Sephora VIB sale, Aveda and other goodies

by - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ASEphora was having a 15% off week for VIBs this past week. 
 I picked up an EyeKo Trio of Skinny Mini liners (blue, brown and black) for $23, an Eyeko Skinny liner in Back for a friend (she adores these so much she sent me back for another) for $19. I got Caudalíe Beauty Elixir in 100 ml for $49. Finally I got a Nars Blush in Super Orgasm with 3.5 g for $15 (actually a good deal since the full size is only a small amount bigger and much more costly)
 David's Tea is a favourite of mine, I seem to have formed a large collection of their teas over the last year.  My friend Melissa from Melissa's Musings recommended some teas on her blog recently (check out the post here), they spoke to me and to be honest Melissa has never steered me wrong.
I picked up Organic Le Digestif tea (for my post meal full belly) and Mother's Little Helper (org) for my restless nights ( I am crazy stressed out right now and sleep is not something I am getting too much of right now).
I found these at the clear-out section of a Shoppers the other day, $2 each. Since I already have 3 shades I thought I would take the time to get some more.
I finally got my hands on the Quo Butterfly Brush Collection. 8 brushes and a bag. I love my butterflies (papillons).
 At Aveda I picked up my favourite hand cream of all time, Hand Relief. Pricey at $28 but worth every penny (can I still say that now that we don't have pennies?). I also grabbed their limited edition Light the Way Candle for $13. Every cent of the purchase price goes to charities to help keep water safe and clean around the world. It smells great too.
Lastly, at Shopper's Drug Mart I got a double pack of Marcelle wipes. I got the Hydra-c Wipes and the I-Bronze wipes in a pack together for just $5 (my shoppers is crazy some times with these deals).

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