March 2013 Empties

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A new month, a new empties post..woohoo.
As you can see not everything fit in the mail box, and I am ok with that, I just want to toss/recycle the stuff already.
Bliss Raspberry Champagne Soap Suds Body Wash / Bubble Bath This was a small bottle I got at xmas time at Sephora. Would I buy it again? I would say no, I liked it but it had sparkles in it and I hate sparkles in body products. Other than that it was good.
Avon Anew REveralist Gel This was a night gel with a whole lot of silicone in it. Would I buy it again?  No, it actually is only half used.
L'oreal Total Repair 5 Hair Masque I love this stuff. Not sure how many I've gone through already, but it works wonders on my hair. Would I buy it again? YES!!!! I don't have another one on the go right now, but I will be grabbing one as soon as it goes on sale.
Avon Naturals Kids Amazing Apple Detangling Spray Yes it is a kid product, yes I love it. It works really well and my hair is growing so I want to take care of it when brushing it out. Would I buy it again?  Yes, one is on my next avon order.
Generic Pencil Sharpener name says it all, it got gooped up and nasty after years of use. Would I buy it again? I got a new one from Essenece, it is blue and has a lid.
Garnier Eye Roller I got this 2 years ago and never used it up Would I buy it again?  I would not, I am using the tinted version and loving it.
Nars Eye Primer this was a sample I got in a small nars set at sephora Would I buy it again?I might, I liked it, but didn't think it was better then any other brands.
Ardell Eye Makeup Remover Wipes  I got these for lazy days or really stuborn stuff Would I buy it again? Yes.
Sally Hansen Clear Polishes I never used these up, and frankly I hate them.
BiorĂ© Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser I love this stuff and so does my man, read about it here. Would I buy it again?  Yes, I am waiting for a sale though.
Bach Rescue Remedy ok so this isn't beauty, but I did keep it on my vanity/desk. Why? I don't know. What I do know is that after a decade plus of using it, the only thing that works is its placebo effect and the fact the drops of booze calm me down. There I said it. Would I buy it again? No, I have gotten so many over the years and used to swear by it for my panic attacks and night terror, but now I know it is just a placebo effect (I know too much information).
Annabelle Mineral Foundation  a friend gave this to me, Would I buy it again? Discontinued, and to be honest it is about 3 shades too dark. I'm not sure why I kept it this long.
Makeup Forever HD Primer I love this stuff, it makes for a great primer, but I am glad I used it all up. Would I buy it again? Yes, I have another tube from when I got a set this holiday season.
L'oreal Volouminous Power 24H Mascara  I used it up, I love the brush so much I kept it. Would I buy it again? Yes, I have another tube ready to go when I use up some other mascaras. I really want to try the waterproof version.
Anastasia Brow Gel I got this in a glymm box a long time ago Would I buy it again? I have another on the go, and I love how it is a strong gel, but I will not pay their price for it, that is just nuts.
Essence Eyeliner Pen I used this one up, loved the precision to this brush Would I buy it again? Yes, but I believe they have replaced it with the Stays No Matter What version, which I have to still try out.
Rimmel Brown Eye Pencil Ok this baby is so old there is not real name left on it. Regardless I think they no longer sell it or I would have replaced it along time ago Would I buy it again? I did like it and would get it again but instead I am trying out the Essence brown retractible pencil.
Estee Lauder Night Cream This was a sample I got from my sister in law who works at an Estee Lauder counter (got to love that) Would I buy it again? Yes, I liked it a lot, but I have many lotions on the go right now.
Mark. No Place To Run Pencils I loved these when they first came out, but sadly they have gotten a bit dry over the years and now need to be tossed Would I buy it again? Yes, I really did like them.

Thanks for reading my empties and mini reviews.