October Gossybox

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 On Halloween day I got my October "Breast Cancer Awareness" Glossybox.
This so far has been my second Glossybox and I must say I've been really happy with them. I did get this one at the old price of $15 (from now on they will be $21 monthly). If you wanted to join and save 10% off your first box  use the code GLOSSY55.
 What is inside:
The Card:
Talks about the products and their prices. Inside talks about breast cancer and how awareness is important and so are exams. No mention of a donation.
1) Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo & Conditioner:
A 50ml bottle of each.  They look interesting. 250 ml cost $15.79 or $16.59.

2) ModelCo Flipstick Lip Duo:
A lipstick on one side and gloss on the other and a little built in mirror. I got the shades dusk and striptease. These look neat and I cannot wait to try. Full size and it retails for $38.75. Note: Says it is for subscribers only, I wonder what one month only people got?
3) Zoya Nail Polish:
This polish was in Rory. I've never tried Zoya despite everything good I've heard about it over the years, so it is exciting...plus I love the shade. Full Size and it cost $8.00 retail.
4) Jouviance Rejuvenating Anti-again Cream:
I never heard of this until this box showed up, then I went to my Shoppers and there was  a big display. Who knew. Interesting to try. This bottle is 5 ml and a full size is 50 ml and retails for $93.50.
5) Bellette Venus:
This is a venus olay razor. Not excited at all about this one. Not a high end products, not something you probably couldn't get for free somewhere else. This is a full size and retails for $16.99.
Cards that came with the box:
Jouviance flyer, a big pull out with lots of products and details.
Venus&Olay coupon, buy a blade refill get free shaving cream.
Caroline Neron online coupon.
Overall I am really excited to try out many of these brands, none of which I have used before.
I am a little let down that this box was called the "Breast Cancer Awareness" box when only one of the items even mentions it (they picked 4 pink shades of polish to represent the diversity of the women affected by breast cancer) and there was no donations made to any charities regarding breast cancer. I highly suspected this was the case when the box's name had the word Awareness in it...meaning ....well ....nothing at all. I found this particularly disappointing because last month there was a donation to a organization regarding its red carpet theme, where as this one has a more important one and nothing was done.
Oh well, I rant.
This box is worth well over its $15 cost with just the lipstick/gloss alone which makes me very happy. 
RATING: A+  (the box has a value of about $70 and I like most of the items) 

Please note the links on this page are links that credit my glossybox account with "glossy dots", essentially a referral program. I do love this box and my opinions are that of my own.