October Empties

By Monday, October 29, 2012

This October Empties post brings lots of hair care. I'm not sure how I went through so much this past month, but I am glad I did
L'oreal Total Repair 5 Hair Masque - 300 ml - This mask has quickly become a staple in my hair arsenal and I doubt I could ever give it up. Oh how I love it. Would I buy it again? YES! I have another one already started.
Garnier Nutrisse Cream Conditioner - 47 ml - I found this when going thorough things, I just died my hair so I used it up.  Would I buy it again?  I got it with a hair dye, so there is a chance I could get it again.
Garnier Fructis Leave in Conditioner - 300 ml - I've had this forever and never use it.  Would I buy it again?  I would not. I'm tossing this heavy stuff.
Balea Deep Conditioner - 150 ml- I got this on sale for 79 cents. Great deal Would I buy it again?  Since I got it on extreme clearance I guess it was discontinued, but I liked it enough to buy many more if I see it again.
L'oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner -  245 ml- This is by far the best cleansing conditioner I've ever used,  and I've used Wen! That being said it is pricy, you need a million pumps per shower, it is tiny and kinda costly. A plus it is easy to find and much cheaper than other cleansing conditioners.  Would I buy it again?  YES, on sale only. I'll stick with my total repair 5 to cleanse for now.
Mark. Face Xpert - 118 ml - I liked this foundation but found the controlled sponge applicator annoying and I just had to give up. Would I buy it again? no, it is too annoying and I believe discontinued.
The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Morocco And Orange Blossom Bath and Shower Oil - 200 ml - I love this stuff!!! I did a full review here  Would I buy it again?  YES! I  have far too much in back up right now to justify buying any wash...but this stuff is a must have on my list all the time.
ELF Studio Brush Shampoo -120 ml - This was an ok brush shampoo. Would I buy it again?  no, it was cheap and all but plane shampoo works just as well and the square bottle gets annoying.
Palners Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick - 14g - I used this in my purse this summer. It really is handy but disappears fast. Would I buy it again? maybe.
Ahava Water Mineral Hand Cream - 20 ml - I got this in a Glymm bag/box and finally used it up. I found it didn't moisturize well and smelled way to strong and floral for me. Would I buy it again? no.
Utterly Smooth Utter Cream - 57 g- This is an amazing cream, It took a while for me to use it up but it was great on my hands and legs this summer. Would I buy it again? yes! I really like this but have quite a bit of lotion hanging around right now.
The Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream - 100 ml - The sides started to leak on me the second day I had been using it. I contacted the good people at The Body Shop and they shipped me a replacement. Luck for me I still had some in here that I managed to use...but most of it was in the inside of my purse. Yippy for great customer service. Would I buy it again?  Yes! I love it and have a big one  still to use up.
Blistex Silk and Shine - 13 oz - I 've had this a while, in fact I still have lots but, it expired on me. So it is time to get rid of it Would I buy it again?  Yes.
Vichy Lift Active - sample size- Ok I have no clue what this was meant to do, I used it up and now it is gone. I found it not that impressive, just ok. Would I buy it again? no.
Marcelle Climatik Lip Balm - 4g - I smooshed this one some how and then noticed it expired. Would I buy it again? Yes, I liked it a lot and it has a high spf.
Clinque Lip Gloss in Kissyfit - GWP size - I got this from a client, she got it as a gwp Would I buy it again? Yes, I love this colour.
Revlon New Complexion Concealer - 2.8g - I got this so long ago. I really liked this concealer. Would I buy it again? It is discontinued, so no.