What's in my Shower

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Last year I did a What's In Your Shower post and now I figured was a good time to do another.

 Now my apartment is a rental, so there is only so much I can do with it, so be kind.
 Here we have a tension supported rod that hold quite a bit of stuff...not much mine.

On the top shelf is a dollarama mirror so the man can shave in the show.
Next to it is a shick razor with a trimmer on the other side
And finally we have Biore Steam Activated Cleanser...It works best in the shower so it is where I keep it.

The next row has Garnier Shampoo and Conditioners for the man and his razor case and razor.

The third row has Old Spice and Irish Spring body washes...ick Irish Spring, I just hate it. His Spectro Gel and my Olay Pro X Cleansing System...I love this thing but only seem to use it in the shower.

Finally the bottom rack has Topiclean Spa dog shampoo....not a big fan of the Spa line from them. If you are looking for a good smelling dog shampoo their regular line has an amazing papaya one for much less money. There is also a generic bubble bath in lavender that I got as a gift and a small bottle refilled with other dog shampoo from work. Oh and a nail brush.

On the tub is a bottle of  Neutrogena anti-resuidue shampoo...almost 3 years later and it is still going.
On the other side of the tub is where I keep most of my stuff. This is a towel rack that came with the place, I put a rack meant to hang on the shower head onto it.

I keep some hair bands here because I take them off in the shower and forget about them
Left to Right:
Bath and Body Works Butterfly Flower Bubble bath -love this stuff, love using a pump too.
Bath and Body Works Forever Sunshine Body Wash - Love it 
L'oreal Ever Care Cleansing Conditioner - really like this, I find it a bit pricy and you have to use a lot, which might be easier without the dinky pump- so I hate the pump.
Hidden is a bottle of Sephora body wash that I refilled with The Body Shop body scrub because the lid broke.
Then there is L'oreal Total Repair 5 conditioner. I love this stuff so much...go buy some now.
Below where soap should be is L'oreal Total Repair 5 hair mask...love this more...you should buy it too. It is the best mask ever!.
2 Poofs, one is mine one is his.
Stuffed into the rack is Balea Deep Conditioning Mask - this was $0.79 so I got two and John Frieda Brilliant Brunette conditioner, I really got to many of these last year at dollarama.

So that is my shower, not too much change but it is an update. If you want to see my old one click here