September Empties Post

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Oh my gosh, look at that big bag of empties!
A baggie full of really old pigments. There are 2 Annabelle and 4 L'oreal. These are at least 7 years old. Time to go...bye bye.
Miscellaneous Lavender Bubble Bath. So this came in a set I got at Xmas, now it is gone. It was a decent bubble bath.
Dollarama Cleansing Wipes - 25 wipes - $1.25 - I pick these up every once and a while for cleaning up. I rarley use them on my face but they are great for brushes and other things that get dirty while doing makeup. Would I Buy Again? Yes, they were better back in the days they were unscented but I've already got a new package.
Noxima Disposible Razor - I picked a package of these up a while back thinking they might be good. They got dull and rusted faster than I thought they would. Would I Buy Again? No.
 L'oreal Total Repair 5 Conditioner - 385 ml - I still love this stuff. Leaves my hair nice and soft. Would I Buy Again? YES!!! I love this stuff. On my  new bottle as we speak.
Cover Fx Skin Prep FX PRimer - 5ml - I love this primer, used it up slowly though Would I Buy Again? Yes! On my new bottle right now.
SmashBox Photo Ready Primer  I got a bunch of these small bottles in sets from the Lisa's sale.  Would I Buy Again?  No. I gave many away, and simply don't think the pure silicone formula of this primer does it for me any more.
 Herbal Esseneces Tossle Me Softly Flexible Style Hairspray - 236 ml - I got this so long ago, glad to see it go. The nozzle would always get crusty or clogged and I just never loved it.  Would I Buy Again?  No.
 Clinique Happy Heart - I loved this and regular happy for such a long time. I am so sad to see it go.Would I Buy Again? Maybe. I think it might be time for a change.
The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter -200ml - I finally use this up. I really am bad with lotion usage. I love the Satsuma scent. Would I Buy Again? Yes, but I have so many lotions to use up it will be a long time.
 Alberto Difining Hair Wax - 60 g - This was a good stick wax, while not empty I needed to make room for new stuff. Would I Buy Again?  Yes. I had to move past this wax since I got a new one that was smaller, if they still make this I will buy it again.
 Onyx 100% Pure Acetone- 16 fl oz - I love this stuff, cheap and easy to find. The best stuff to rip polish off quick and cleanly. Would I Buy Again? Yes.
Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover  - GWP size - I got this at the warehouse sale. I love it. Would I Buy Again? Yes! I am onto another bottle right now.
L'oreal Extra Volume Collegen  I love this mascara, that is all. Would I Buy Again? Yes
Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara this was a great mascara, two wands, just great  Would I Buy Again? Yes.
Revlon Lash Glue This glue is latex free and requires no waiting time at all. Great, packaging is good too, but gets messy fast. Would I Buy Again? Yes. Must find ASAP.
Essie Matte About You - This is my second bottle that just dried up on me without using it much at all. Would I Buy It Again? No. I've moved onto the ELF version.
Revlon Makeup Remover I got this years ago and found it while cleaning. Would I Buy Again? No