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by - Friday, August 03, 2012

I spent last week in Placar or Playa Del Carmen or The Mayan Rivera, I had a great time.

I took very few pics of the resort, but I did take plenty of the two day trips we went on. 

First up was Coba, a Mayan ruin site featuring the last of the Mayan pyramids that you can still climbed. I climb it 11 years ago and this was Rich's first time.

It is a really great place to check out. There are two "ball" courts, a few temples, a pyramid and many other neat things. The great part about Coba is unlike other sites it rests in a forest because they have not just clear cut the area for the tourists. So it might not seem as impressive as Chichen Itza at first, but in fact this pyramid is much larger, and you can still climb it.
Oh my there was so much wild life, I saw so many pretty butterflies, caterpillars, lizards and this big guy just crossing the path...ick.
Yep a tarantula...I kept clear but Rich had to take a pic.
Stones they uncovered in 2004 (hey something new for me) depicting an eclipse.
 Another neat bug.
 The pyramid
Rich staring at me like "HURRY UP"
 View from the top
It was 120 stairs and they were big. I managed to have the start of a  panic attack going up and a full out panic attack on top. Lucky Rich was amazing and calmed me right down so I could take pics and head on down, one step at a time...all 120 of them. It is steep let me tell you that.

On another day trip we went to Tulum. This ruins of a Mayan city that was surrounded with brick walls and the coast. It was used as a trading post with other communities.
One of the walls entrances
We then went swimming with sea turtles, but my camera is not waterproof so we didn't get any pics. Oh and we got burned very badly when snorkelling with them.

I did take some pictures of the wildlife at the resort these guys are called agouti and seem to be rodent like (like our squirrels), I thought they were quite cute
 They were also Coati which are like racoons if you ask me. They were a lot more Coati at our resort than anything else...tons.
There were also iguanas and geckos and some cats at night. At the other resort we could visit there are monkeys in the trees and far more agouti.
The resort does a good job of keeping them out of the eating areas but people insist on feeding them which make the coati more determined (imagine if people actually feed racoons here what would happen).
Almost every day we had some cute towel animals for us
Is the last one a papillon? I ask because it has a dog mouth and big ears?

Plus we had a full bar that was restocked daily and part of the all inclusive package.
I had a great time and I hope you enjoyed my pictures.

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