Guest Post: Heel to Toe Spa Pedicure Collection Callus Softener

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I'm on vacation this week and rather than have my blog go dead for that time I've asked some old friends and beauty bloggers to write some guest posts for me.

Todays post is from Naomi from and her StylEyes Blog.
We met long ago back in Jr High and reconnected through blogging a few years back. She is an amazing blogger and makeup artist. 
Anyways, on to her post:
Heel to Toe Spa Pedicure Collection Callus Softener
Last week I paid a visit to Sally’s Beauty Supply. I was on the hunt for a new toe nail clipper and a decent foot scrub. When I asked about which one would be best, I was directed to the Heel to Toe Callus Softener and was told to wet my feet, rub some of the gel on my feet for no longer than a minute, rinse and the use a pumice stone; seemed simple enough so I bought it and the pumice stone.
I wasn’t really sure that this was going to work. How can a gel left on the skin for a minute help remove  dead skin from my feet? So when I got home, I tried it and low and behold, it actually worked! I now have super soft feet. It’s like a chemical peel for your feet.
This isn’t something that I’d use every day; it’s more of a once in a while type product. It has quite a chemically smell so be sure to use this in a well ventilated area.  

  • Works in one minute.
  • Leaves feet baby soft
  • Moderately priced at $7.50
  • Comes in a squeeze bottle with a twist lock top.
  • A little goes a long way.


  • Chemical smell; not too strong but still quite noticeable.
  • Need to use in a well ventilated area due to the smell.
  • Can only find this at Sally’s Beauty Supply; may require some travelling to get there.

Overall, I think that this product is good and I like how easy it was to use. I like that it worked fast and didn’t require too much scrubbing with the pumice stone to remove the dead skin from my feet.  I’m definitely not a fan of the scent of this product; it’s a bit offensive.  As per the labels directions you can’t use this more than twice per week and it’s not to be used on broken or sensitive skin. When this tube is finished, I would definitely repurchase this product.

Thanks so much to Naomi for her guest post, be sure to check out her pages.