CoverFx and Elf Haul

By Saturday, July 21, 2012 , , ,

I ordered some goodies from CoverFX and ELF recently, here are some pics of what I got.

COVERFX Full Coverage Kit
ELF Studio items
Lashes, powder puffs, nail polish
 remover wipes and a zit zapper
Nail Polishes
Lotion wipes 
ELF Mineral Winkle  Refiner and
Studio Face Line Filler
Mineral Mist
Studio Lip Exfoliator  
Warm and Cool Studio Complexion Perfection
Studio Matte Lip Colour in Coral and Rich Red 
Studio Makeup Remover Pen
I got so much elf because of the 50% off sale they had online last week. Excited to try so many new items out. I must say I love the Studio foundation and should have gotten a back up while ordering. The matte lipsticks are already a favourite of mine. They forgot one item that is on the bill so I must email them about that so they can refund me.