30 Day Gift With Purchase Challenge...Victory Summery

by - Friday, May 25, 2012

So I did it!! Woot Woot!
I managed to finish my 30 GWP only challenge with only a few skip days and 2 days where I wore other things. Overall I wore makeup way more than usual because of it so I feel it is a success. 
Sigh, now I am done, and back to colours again. I have really played it up since this needed. 

I felt that dispute me having a large selection of GWP that is bigger than many people full makeup collections, the options were limiting and suffocated me in the process.

I really wanted to use a bright shade here or a pop of gloss there and just couldn't with the mainly bland shades I had. 

I mean a day or two, or even to help with a look they are great but I love COLOUR!! I guess if I had an office job it would be great, but I don't.

What I did learn is:
  • I love makeup and colour. 
  • I need colour.
  • I have too many Lancome bland lipsticks and they all look the same.
  • I may never wear all these shades and some things need to be depotted or tossed.
Here are my videos chronicling my madness...enjoy (really I get a little nutty here...I get mad, I get sick, I get plantar fasciitis, it is fun)

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