Biore Girls Night In

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In honour of Bioré Canada relaunching its entire line of products in new packaging,  last sunday I hosted a fabulous Girls Night In at my apartment courtesy of Bioré Canada. I had four ladies over to experience a spa day at home with pampering from Wright Spa Modbile Spa Services.

Bioré just relaunching its line of products with new packaging as well as the brand new "Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser with Skin Purifying Technology". The fun new packaging clearly says what the products do and are now colour coded to help you find the product that suites your needs the best.

Pink is for Makeup Removing
Orange is for Complexion Clearing 
Blue is for Deep Cleaning

Anyways back to the Girls Night In....

As I rushed to get everything set up for the day I received a wonderful surprise...cupcakes, Bobbette and Belle vanilla cupcakes. They were such an unexpected and tasty surprise (they disappeared quickly).
mmmm cupcakes
Soon after the ladies from Wright Spa arrived to set up...
pedicure station
Monty is expecting the massage table for facials
we got an overview of the products and how to use them.
Learning about the products from Bioré 
Naomi and Heather watching the demo
Then our facials, manicures and pedicures.
me, getting my feet done.
Monty wondering what is going on.
As you can probably guess we all had a great time. The ladies were fantastic from Wright Spa and our faces felt amazing.

On to the facials:

We were given  description and usage instructions for all the products used. We were told that only a dime sized amount of the "Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser" would be needed. This of course perked Meredith's interest and brought out her inner skeptic. She was reassured that we would all be believers soon enough (and we were).

I must say that all the products were amazing. First off they used my favourite item "Makeup Removing Towelettes" because unlike other wipes they actually removed everything and left my skin feeling moist and soft.

Next up was the "Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser" which I was a bit afraid of because I have dry skin. Fortunately for me this cleanser lock on to dirt and oil but respect the natural oils in the skin, leaving them intact. Making it perfect for just about everyone (my new favourite product...yes it is).

The "Pore Unclogging Scrub" was used next and my skin left feeling so smooth. I must admit I have quite a bit of bumpy texture on my chin area and this made it almost completely disappear in just one use.

Finally the "Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser" was used and left on as a mask for quite a few minutes. It is very strange to have a product warm up and cool down on your skin, but it is nice one.

Then to top things off we all got to go home with a gift bag (or loot bag since it was a party) filled with 10 Bioré products. I cannot wait to try the "Steam Activated Cleaner" out in the shower.

Thanks again to Bioré Canada for letting me throw this little get together, the ladies at Wright Spa for doing such a great job and Bobbette and Belle for the fantastic cupcakes (must get to their store and get more).

Thanks to my guest @ettuandyou, @anuptowngal, @maldham and @makeupbynaomi

I also made a video about the day.