Empties Post #4

By Monday, February 13, 2012 , , , , , , , ,

I believe this is my fourth empties post. I think after this I will just loose track, so starting in the spring it will be seasonal (ex. Spring 2012 empties post, Summer 2012 empties post).

The Body Show Spa Wisdom Hand and Foot Cream I love this cream with a passion. It has a texture I cannot explain and does amazing things for ones dry icky skin in the winter months. I am glad I used it all up though, I have far too many hand cream to try. Would I buy it again? YES, oh yes, but for now, use up some of my other goodies.
Avon Planet Spa Greek Seas Firming Gel Avon launched so many of their Planet Spa lines, cancelled others and then abruptly got rid of them all, it was hard to keep track of everything. I liked this gel, I used it in the summers when I wanted something light and even as an aloe gel sub. Would I buy it again? No, it was nice, I liked it but there are other things out there, plus I can't.
 Mark Mist Opportunity This mini spray bottle is empty. I have a full bottle so I might refill. Would I buy it again? Yes and no...I've got a full bottle so I don't need to.
 Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat I got this at the Revlon sale years ago for a buck. I liked it a lot, but now it is thick and gooey and and the end of its life. Time to toss. Would I buy it again? If I went to another Revlon sale and it was a $1 again, yes!
Dr Hauschka Bath Oil Samplers Maybe 3 years ago I got a whole gorgeous set of these 0.34 fl oz bottles of bath oil. I knew they were pricey and wanted to use them at the best times. Years past and I never used many of them. I finally decided I had to use them up. They are nice and I like them. I love my baths but I still felt they were waisted on me. Would I buy it again? I would consider buying a full bottle of one of them and then it would seem like a better value, but I doubt it.  It was a great gift.
 AHA Cuticle Eraser I never used this, ever. It smelt strange (like wet dog, well not the way I know wet dog to smell, but the way others do). Would I buy it again? No.
Clinique Happy I love happy and happy heart. Love! This baby is finally used up though. It makes me sad since my full sized happy heart is almost gone too. Would I buy it again? Yes, but for now I have 5 large roll-ons of different happy perfumes to try to use up.
Various lip and eye products....
The green lip gloss- I thought it would be like spring bean by mac. I liked this Avon lip gloss but never wore it. BTW smells so nice.
Gooey looking tube is Bonnie Belle Clear Mascara- I used this as a brow gel. It got gross as brow gels do. I paid $1 at dollarama for it. I would get it again
Elf Lip liner and brush- eh one colour for lip liner sucked.
Mark lip glosses...time to go. I never wore them, they were nice. But I never wore them
Smashbox mini lip gloss. Smells strange (always did) so it must go.
Elf shadow primer - the mineral version is better so this one had to go.
Hard Candy Liquid liner -this stuff sucked. I've never disliked a HC product NYX glitter liner. This stuff was too runny, half of it disappeared quickly (I don't know how) and Annabelles is better so I am moving up.
Purple lip gloss is the same as the green from avon. I liked it, it smells nice but I never use it.