October 2011 Glymm Box

By Saturday, October 15, 2011 , ,

I got my first Glymm box this week. It was a birthday gift from the amazing Meredith from Et Tu And You (thanks Meredith).

This was my first Glymm box, they cost $10 a month.
Cards inside
Contents Card
Monthly letter
What I got:
  • Principessa Beauty: Pretty Piede Foot Balm - 125 ml retails for $18 - Sample size in box is 30 ml. 
  • Prinicpessa Beauty: Bacio Lip Balm - 0.5 fl oz retails for $11 - Full sized product in box.
  • Lise Watier: Kiss Crayon Gloss in Mellon Twist - 2.8g retails for $18 - Full Sized product in box.
  • Caudalie: Premier Cru Cream - 3.2 g sells for $150 - Sample size in box is 0.006 fl oz. or 2 ml (this is confusing....grams on the letter oz or ml on the bottle, can't figure out the size difference).
  • Jelly Beans: orange and black jelly beans in a little jar (jar will be reused as a spice jar).
I am glad I got two full sized products in this box, although I don't think either one speaks to me at all. The Lise Watier is intensely sparkly and not a shade that suits my skin tone while the lip gloss by Principessa is just a clear overly sweet lip gloss I wouldn't not pay $2 for. 

Two of the products are from the same brand which is also a bit of a let down and jelly beans are nice, but not a fifth item.

I don't mean to be down on it, two full sized items are nice, just I feel ehhh about this box. 

Rating A-
Because it has items in full sizes worth more than the cost of the box it gets an A-, because I am not in love with any item in the box and am not jumping up and down going "yippy look at this _____ I got" it fails to do any better. but A- is a good grade. Another factor in this is that last months box was amazing and filled with crazy things (full sized blush, accessories, shower gel and lotion, perfume sample and the jelly beans) that made me regret not ordering one, where as this one leaves me wanting more.

I want to thank Meredith again, you rock for getting me this. I was really excited to try out Glymm and compare it to my old standby Luxe Box. You are amazing Meredith.


I feel as thought my reviews and feelings towards these boxes lately has been rather harsh. I appoligise. Just because I don't love all the products in a box doesn't mean it isn't a good deal or a great way to sample items. I really should be looking at these boxes independently and not comparing them to past months selections. I am sorry if I've been harsh.