October 2011 Luxe Box by Loose Button

By Wednesday, October 19, 2011 ,

Last month's box said a change was coming. Here are the changes:

  • Shipped in a box not a baggie
  • New black sliding box
  • Black paper shreds as stuffing instead of foam
  • No more Hershey Kiss
  • One Card instead of a letter card and product list card
  • Personalized sticker holding paper shut with your name on it.

new box 
new card
inside the card
custom sticker
Inside the box

What I got:
China Glaze Crackle: 14ml retails for $8. Full size received.

Olay Prox Eye Restoration Cream: 15 ml retails for $60. Sample size given is unknown.
 Keratase Elixir Ultime: 125ml retails for $50. 5ml sample size received.
Lise Watier Plumplisimo Le Gloss: 6.2 ml retails for $20. 1.5 ml sample received. 
Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance Vials: 7x1 ml vials retail for $27. One 1ml vial received.
Gift card for Dealuxe,  Get $25 off any purchase of $75 or more.
The Lise Waiter Vials are not released yet, so this is a prelaunch treat. 

Grade: A

Full sized products worth $8, and many other good products gives it an B+ rating. Two products from the same company kinda brings it down a bit in the rating. The new un-launched product gives it a bit more clout raising it to an A-.

Additional Comments:

Overall this box is worth more than the $12 that I paid for it , but seems to be lacking in excitement for me. I feel like I've been a little hard on the these boxes lately, so I wanted to say some of the issues my friends have had.

  • My one friend has gotten 2 items for colour treated hair, and yet her hair is natural coloured. This aggravated her.
  • I have gotten 3 nail polishes and 3 hair oils at this point...It seems like I just keep on getting the same items.
  • With this box, neither of my friends wanted their nail polishes and I walked away with all 3! How nuts is that?
  • The eye cream has no size, what is that about?

Some months you get amazing products that suite you and others you get less great items, but still really good items to try out and it seems like a bit of a let down, so I am going to try to look at each box as a fresh one and forget about other ones.

Note on the Changes:

The new box is very nice, very classy. I have been using my old boxes to house things such as dirty brushes and my curlformers. I doubt I can keep much in the new ones, but I will try to figure something out..

The new all in one cards are nice, I actually prefer them to the old ones, much more streamlined in the layout.