JilloJello IMATS 2011 Update

by - Friday, October 14, 2011

I was planing to go to Imats next month, like I have the past 2 years adn the CMS the two years before that....but plans have changed.

I missed out on the cheaper $30 tickets and just feel $40 is not worth it this year.

The line up of vendors is not interesting  enough  for me to venture all the way out there and deal with massive crowds and lines. As well, I have realized, despite many purges of makeup recently (big ones too), I really have enough stuff. 

I mean, my blushes have taken over one of my drawers now.This has to be managed...and the best way is to halt crazy hauls...IMATS inclued. 

The main places I always love at IMATS are NYX, Crown, Makeup Forever and Temptu.

I don't need any Temptu, NYX is not any cheaper than the stores (and I know one that sells the lashes) and MUFE I already get a discount and shipping is cheap.

So that is my reasoning. I made a pact with my Sister in-law....we will be passing this year. I will miss all my TOBB ladies, but I am sure we can still meet up after if you feel up to it


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